JoJo Siwa's Favorite Comfort Foods That Remind Her Of Home - Exclusive

JoJo Siwa has captured America's attention ever since appearing on the hit series "Dance Moms." Since then her magnetic personality and impressive dance skills have made her hugely popular on Youtube on TikTok with more than 57 million followers combined. The social media star has also appeared on everything from "So You Think You Can Dance" to "Top Chef Family Style." However, when she isn't making an appearance on a popular show, Siwa likes to keep things pretty simple.

While promoting her partnership with Ocean Spray, she told us in an exclusive interview that while sometimes she likes to head out to her girlfriend's favorite restaurant Olive Garden, they also like just ordering takeout. "We like to stay home a lot too," Siwa said. "We like to order. She likes to make rainbow foods. We're really chill — anything goes." She also revealed that when it comes to comfort foods, she likes to keep it simple and stick to the classics.

She enjoys popular Thanksgiving dishes

Siwa explained that when it comes to her favorite types of food that make her think of home, she loves Thanksgiving fare made at family gatherings. "My mom makes this incredible meal called chicken and broccoli that we are all obsessed with," she said. "It's this amazing casserole. It's been in her family for years, and we actually eat it with cranberry jelly, which is so funny. It's literally our favorite. Those would probably be my favorites."

And when it comes time to reach for her favorite side dish on Turkey Day, the "Dancing with the Stars" competitor opts for a classic. "I'm a green bean casserole girl — love a green bean casserole," Siwa admitted. "I love stuffing. It's a newfound love." The star explained that she tried stuffing for the first time last year after being talked into trying it by a friend and really enjoyed it. "She convinced my brain to be able to try anything, so we tried it and we love it."

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