Joel McHale On Why Curtis Stone Is A Standout Celebrity Chef - Exclusive

If you've been keeping up with Joel McHale, then you've probably noticed his foray into food-related TV by now. Perhaps most notably, he's the host of "Crime Scene Kitchen," on FOX, where he gets to guide teams of bakers through mystery baking challenges.

While McHale is there to run the show, cracking jokes along the way, it's arguably Curtis Stone and Yolanda Gampp who have the harder jobs, as the ones who judge the dishes and ultimately choose the winners. Having filmed two seasons now, McHale has gotten to spend a lot of time on set getting to know chefs Stone and Gampp. And in a recent interview with Mashed, he let on much he's enjoyed getting to know Stone especially, whom he admires as an impressively talented chef and friend alike.

In an exclusive interview with Mashed, McHale hyped up his new buddy Stone, and shed light on what makes him such a stand-out chef, whether you're cooking in his kitchen or hanging out behind the scenes.

Curtis Stone is as down to earth as he talented, according to Joel McHale

Curtis Stone has quite the resume. He's a Michelin-starred Iron Chef and restaurant owner, and a familiar face on Food Network. And garnering so much celebrity and accolades can get to some people's heads, Joel McHale says he's seen nothing but the opposite from Stone. "Chefs can be pretty intense. They're the kings and queens of their small kingdoms, and they can be pretty brutal. He is not," McHale told Mashed, adding, "I've seen him in his kitchen ... He's super kind. His employees love him. They adore him."

Of course, that warm exterior doesn't totally hide the cold hard brilliance that chef Stone possesses in the kitchen. "His knowledge is bananas. I've talked to other chefs that are like, 'He scares us how much he knows.' He's so smart," says McHale. And best of all, when the cameras are off and he's out of the kitchen, "he's a goofball," says McHale.

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