Michael Voltaggio Ate At Wolfgang Puck's Spago For His Super-Private Wedding

Michael Voltaggio is a celebrity chef, restaurateur, and competition cooking star. He burst onto the scene in 2009 after winning "Top Chef" and has been delighting audiences ever since. The chef stays busy between competing on "Tournament of Champions;" mentoring young chefs on his show, "Battle of the Brothers;" and opening new restaurants. His latest restaurant venture is a partnership between him and his brother, Bryan Voltaggio: their Italian-inspired restaurant Vulcania, which is nestled amongst the trees in Mammoth Mountain, California.

Even with his busy schedule and multiple businesses, Voltaggio has found time to fall in love. He and his new bride, actress Bria Vinaite, tied the knot after a mere six months' engagement. While Vinaite has made rare appearances on his Instagram account, the pair have mostly kept out of the spotlight. The two wed in a private ceremony in Hawaii, complete with only one friend in attendance and plenty of family and friends watching via livestream. In an interview with People, Voltaggio said, "Let's have our dream wedding and do it on our own schedule." The pair didn't get bogged down trying to work out minutiae like scheduling because, in the end, it's about love.

One thing the pair did focus on was their post-nuptial meal, and who better to serve a chef than culinary legend, Wolfgang Puck?

Voltaggio and his bride dined on high-end classics

Unlike some more traditional weddings, there was definitely no chicken or beef card at this wedding. Seeing as how Michael Voltaggio is a masterful chef and Bria Vinaite often joins him on culinary adventures, their wedding dinner was anything but ordinary. According to People, Voltaggio and Vinaite shared a dinner with food from the team at Wolfgang Puck's flagship restaurant Spago. The couple's wedding took place at the Four Seasons Maui, where Spago serves as one of the fine dining restaurants. While Voltaggio didn't divulge too many details about the meal, he did share that the couple enjoyed the restaurant's signature dish, smoked salmon pizza. Per Masterclass, the smoked salmon pizza is made with dill, crème fraîche, and luxurious caviar.

Even Puck himself calls the smoked salmon pizza one of his must-eat dishes. The smoked salmon pizza was actually created after actress Joan Collins requested smoked salmon at the restaurant. The restaurant happened to be out of bread, so Puck decided to bake up a fresh pizza, top it with the smoked salmon and add a dollop of caviar (per Chicago Tribune). The happy accident wound up becoming a permanent and beloved fixture on the Spago menu. It's no wonder that the lovebirds would enjoy such a fancy and elegant dish on their special day.