Instagram Is Raining Hearts Over A Pic Of Duff Goldman's Daughter Eating Ice Cream

Food is arguably the most important component of Thanksgiving, but we all know the massive feast doesn't just magically appear on the table. Well, okay, maybe it does if you're dining at a chain restaurant, or if you're ordering your turkey from a place like Honey Baked Ham. However, for those that take on the brave task of playing chef for the fourth Thursday in November, a successful Turkey Day means a marathon of cooking — though there's no need to get up at the crack of dawn to get it all done. In fact, as Bon Appétit points out, it's almost unfathomable to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal from start to finish on the actual holiday itself, which is why prepping ahead of time is the name of the game if you want to succeed.

The outlet asserts that the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is the most important day for holiday prep, though Food Network says you can start getting some of your food ready up to two weeks in advance. Regardless of which approach you take, the key is not leaving every single task for T-Day, which is something Duff Goldman seems to understand well.

The Food Network star has already gotten a head-start on Thanksgiving by prepping some no-churn ice cream. However, as seen in an Instagram post shared last night, the Charm City Cakes owner wasn't only making the upcoming holiday easier on himself — he was also making memories with his daughter.

Goldman's followers love seeing him make memories with Josephine

Duff Goldman's daughter, Josephine, already has several sweet nicknames for her dad, like "Cookie Dada" and "Turkey Dada," and now, it looks like "Ice Cream Dada" may soon be making the list, as well. The "Ace of Cakes" star revealed in an Instagram post last night that he was prepping a no-churn version of frozen dessert for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, and "had to let Josephine lick the spoon."

Like any doting parent, Goldman snapped an adorable photo of his daughter sampling the treat that his followers are absolutely melting over. "Awww...look at this beautiful little girl!!" Instagram user @cuellarmarie commented, while another dubbed Josephine the "cutest taste tester ever." A third applauded the baker for making memories for him and his daughter, while others started feeling a sense of nostalgia themselves. "Licking the spoon after mixing is awesome! My mom let me do it & it's another fond memory," one person commented. "Reminds me of so much from my past," said another fan.

Of course, some of Goldman's followers couldn't help but ask for his no-churn ice cream recipe, though, it turns out he's already shared it with Food Network in the past. With only four ingredients plus toppings of your choice, not only does it seem like an easy dessert to make ahead of time for Thanksgiving this week, but, as the chef and his daughter recently demonstrated, it can be great for making memories as well.