Duff Goldman's Daughter Has The Sweetest Nickname For Him

It seems like it was just yesterday that Duff Goldman was announcing the birth of his first daughter, but in reality, it's been nearly two years since the youngster entered the world. "I have no words to describe this blessing. @johnnapgoldman and I made a baby!" the Food Network star wrote in an Instagram post on February 1, 2021, just one day after he officially became a dad. "Her name is Josephine and she is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in the whole world," he gushed.

In the time since, Goldman and his wife, Johnna, have graciously shared glimpses of their kiddo with friends and fans on social media, to the point where it seems like Josephine has grown up in front of our very eyes. We've witnessed her try some of the world's most famous foods like Big Macs and pizza, and saw her have a sweet musical moment with her pops as he picked out a new guitar. Now that she's begun talking, fans have gotten to know little Josephine even better, and recently, they were clued into the adorable nickname she has for her dad.

In a post to his Instagram page on October 17, Goldman shared a short video clip of Josephine sitting at the kitchen table and snacking on a "glittery unicorn cookie" he had baked for her, which he sweetly explained in the caption was his life's purpose. "Sound on," he then instructed — and we're so glad he did.

Josephine's nickname for her dad is so appropriate

Most kids refer to their fathers as "dad," "daddy," or "dada," but not Josephine Goldman. The youngster has an extra special nickname for her pops, and, if you ask us, it's so on-brand. "It's so cute. She calls me 'cookie dada'," Duff Goldman revealed in a recent Instagram post featuring a video of his daughter, who you can hear utter the adorable moniker at the start of the clip. Viewers then watch as Josephine munches on a unicorn-shaped cookie baked with love by her "cookie dada," which, considering the "mmm's" she let out after each bite, she certainly seemed to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Goldman's followers on the social media app seemed to enjoy getting to witness the adorable "cookie dada"-daughter exchange, as exemplified by the 40,000-plus likes and 1,879 comments that the upload has amassed at the time of this writing. Amongst the commenters were Goldman's fellow Food Network stars Rocco DiSpirito and Aarti Sequeira, who gushed over little Josephine saying "thank you" after receiving her sweet treat. Kardea Brown also chimed in, writing, "She just melts my heart."

"Adorable little girl! Ohhh and love her name too, it's just too perfect," commented a third follower. "And from now on you shall be known as 'cookie dada,'" quipped a fourth, which we totally agree should become a thing. If you ask us, "Duff Goldman, chef, baker, and 'cookie dada'" has quite a nice ring.