The Unexpected Donut Flavors Dunkin' Serves Up Overseas

What's your favorite Dunkin' flavored donut? A difficult question, right? Indeed it is, especially in how appealing, delicious, and colorful the Dunkin display window looks. You are not alone. This coffee and biscuits shop born in Quincy, Massachusetts, serves more than 3 million customers daily, in over 41 states and 36 countries overseas (via Dunkin'). It's not only the place to grab a tasty donut but it's the main coffee spot for many people, perhaps due to the quality of their coffee beans, and offers espresso drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and cold brews. This could all be joined by a cream cheese bagel, an English muffin, some munchkins, and of course, the favorite sweet and fried treat of all — the donut.

On the list of favorite Dunkin' Donuts, there is the classic glazed donut, strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles, double chocolate, and the one and only Boston Kreme donut. The donut menu goes beyond and creates combinations like maple vanilla creme donuts, cookie butter donuts, and chocolate coconut donuts (via Dunkin' Donuts).

But, if you are truly a fan, you may know that the most extravagant donut flavors are found overseas. International Dunkin' flavors feature a mix of salty, sweet, sour, and even umami ingredients, and probably Asia Dunkin' features the most unexpected of all. Donuts with pork glaze, anyone?

International Dunkin' features ingredients like mochi, seaweed, dried pork, wasabi, kimchi, chili, and more

According to Dunkin', whenever a shop is opened overseas, the brand tries to dive into local cuisine and flavors to create unique donut combinations. In Singapore, they used to offer a donut with wasabi cheese and seaweed cheese, but according to Honest Cooking, this was discontinued when the franchise reopened in 2009. Nowadays, according to the chain's Instagram page,  there are several creative mochi flavor donuts, like chocolate mochi, berry mochi, and green tea frosted mochi donuts.

In China, where the chain returned in 2016 (per The Beijinger), they sold a pork floss donut, described as a savory donut made with dried pork and topped with seaweed. In India, Dunkin' celebrated Diwali by launching a Kesar Badam donut made with saffron, almond milk, and pistachios, and another flaky pastry with chickpea flour, white chocolate, guava, and chili (via The Atlantic).

Kimchi-stuffed donuts are sold in South Korea (per 1851 Franchise), Kinder Bueno donuts in Brazil (via Instagram), dried candied fruit donuts inspired by Pannetone in Mexico (via Instagram), and around 40 vegan donuts in Belgium, according to Reddit. At this point, a Dunkin donuts passport is not a bad idea at all!