TikTok Has A Problem With These Baby Face Pie Crusts

Who doesn't love a homemade pie, still piping hot and crisp when it comes out of the oven? We sure do, and we're not the only ones. The American Pie Council reports that each year, about 186 million pies are sold in grocery stores in the U.S. The most popular pick is apple pie, followed closely by pumpkin, pecan, and banana cream pies. But who says that pies must be sweet or contain a standard filling at all? Turophiles (cheese connoisseurs) will be happy to know that you can also bake a whole wheel of cheese in a pie crust.

Martha Stewart calls baked cheese "the ultimate holiday appetizer," and with Christmas around the corner, there's still time to bake the gooey appetizer of your dreams. Camembert is a popular option for baking, but fresh or brined cheeses such as feta and ricotta are viable options as well. And come winter, we all want something warm and comforting, so let's not forget about Brie. This creamy, mild yet full-of-character cheese is an excellent option for baking, especially when wrapped in puff pastry or pie crust. That's right, baked brie is always a crowd pleaser — except, apparently, when its crust is decorated with a disturbingly lifelike face.

'Baby baked brie' is slightly terrifying

Around Halloween, spooky pie crusts may be very welcome, even encouraged. Skulls, austere jack-o'-lanterns, and creepy faces can all be made from dough and placed on top of tasty pies. But when it's not Halloween season, spooky pies may feel a little out of place and disturbing. This became clear over on TikTok, where user @laurensulli spread a dollop of cranberry sauce over a wheel of Brie, then topped it all with a round of pie crust that was expertly (read: eerily) sculpted to look like a baby's face. Once baked, bubbles appeared all over the baked cheese and crust, and people called the lifelike results "literally traumatizing."

Awestruck TikTok users rushed to comment things like, "How terrifying I love it," and "Right out of an ari aster film," referring to the famous director's horror movies. Others were reminded of different movies, writing, "MICHAEL MYERS GOT ROASTED," and comparing the baby to Renesmee from the "Twilight" series. Another user said, "I'm scared but also impressed," which is probably how we all feel when seeing Sulli's baby creations (which span other pies, birthday cakes, and even mini lava cakes).

If that crust is too scary for your liking, there are still plenty of ways to create an eye-catching pie without startling your guests. The perfect lattice pie crust, for example, is just a sharp knife and a folding session away.