Grocery Store Holiday Coffees To Put Some Cheer In Your Cup

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Why does this time of year possess such enchanting properties? Perhaps no one can explain the sorcery of the holiday season, but at the first-ever tones of "Silver Bells" coming on the radio, there seems a dusting of magic in all of the mundane. With the first heavy snowfall, we finally understand Norman Rockwell's muse, cabin fever is suddenly cozy at home, and a cup of coffee is no longer a mere vessel to a caffeine high — a steamy mug of something warm, like so many other things, temporarily becomes a talisman of all that makes the holiday season good. 

And while you may welcome the comfort of a coffee that you know and love, there's a whole roster to try for expanding the yuletide palate. Plenty of household names roll out something festive this time of year — so get out your snuggliest blanket and settle in with a plate of gingerbread cookies, because we've got over a dozen grocery store holiday coffees to keep you merry and bright-eyed. 

Peet's Coffee Holiday Blend

Rich cocoa and deep caramel tones naturally fit the holiday season — and that's what we naturally get in a quality dark roast. Whoever and wherever Peet is, they know how to roast coffee beans to perfection. The brand's holiday blend will be a permanent resident of our coffee station for the duration of its limited release. It's not just the steamy coffee that'll thaw you out on a cold winter morning; the subtle notes of warming spices, which always evoke nothing less than holiday nostalgia, will instantly melt the cold weather blues away. When introduced to the chocolatey flavors of a robust dark roast, the aromatic cinnamon is brought to life; everything that awaits you in the Peet's Holiday Blend is grandma's best Christmas dessert reincarnated. 

Where can you get your hands on one of these lively red bags? Holiday Blend is available from Peet's for $22.95 per pound, or 10 ounces for $10.79 (at the time of this writing) from Target. Don't let this Christmas star fade away from you, though — Peet's says the holiday blend is only available for purchase until January 3. 

Trader Joe's Gingerbread Coffee

The best companion to a cup of coffee is a cookie to dunk in it. But if you find yourself woefully cookie-less this holiday season, you can get the best of both with Trader Joe's Gingerbread Coffee. Trader Joe's coffee products can be a bit of a hit or miss, but reviewers say that this brew should absolutely be on your Christmas wishlist. According to some Amazon shoppers, TJ's gingerbread coffee appeals the most to drinkers who favor a milder touch on the ginger and spices. 

TJ's shoppers know how elusive the retailer's products can be — it doesn't offer an online storefront and explicitly states that it's committed to drawing customers into its brick-and-mortar locations — so it would be wise to hustle over to your nearest location before all the Christmas coffees are whisked away. On-site you can pick up a 14-ounce bag for $8.99. 

World Market Holiday Eggnog Coffee

Eggnog lattes are a coffee lover's reason for the season. Rich, custardy eggnog is the best contrast to intense espresso. Coffee shops often include a few steamed-'nog-based drinks on their winter menus, but you don't have to go without if you get snowed in. Thanks to World Market, we have a holiday eggnog coffee to try. This roast is made with the bright and lively coffee crop of South and Central American growing regions. 

Coffee lovers who have tried this festive flavor say that the cinnamon and nutmeg spices bloom at the first sip, but that the eggnog flavor is on the milder side, with one particularly enamored reviewer deeming the brand's holiday brew "Christmas in a cup," per World Market. This jolly coffee is available exclusively on the World Market website at $9.99 per 12 ounces. We think it would be particularly decadent topped with a cloud of whipped cream and some cinnamon.

Keurig's The Original Donut Shop Peppermint Bark Coffee

No coffee pot? No problem. There's more than enough Christmasy coffee goodness to go around to Keurig users. We'd ordinarily opt for a smooth, chocolatey medium roast to accompany peppermint, but the bright, vibrant profile of this donut shop blend's light roast is an unexpectedly perfect pair with the peppermint bark flavor, as satisfied reviewers can attest.

Reviews of The Original Donut Shop Peppermint Bark light roast on Target — this is the brand made by Keurig for its single-serve coffee machines — say that this is the perfect winter brew. One coffee lover says this one is "just right": not too strong, not too weak. Another says it's the perfect way to unwind in the evening (although the caffeine content might say otherwise). Make this peppermint bark donut shop coffee a bit more festive by adding a pour of your favorite peppermint mocha coffee cream, topping with whipped cream, and sprinkling a few crushed peppermint candies on top. No need to get to Starbucks on a snowy day, as this Keurig offering retails for $15.99 for a 24-count. 

Caribou Coffee Reindeer Blend Dark Roast

Caribou Coffee uses aged Sumatra coffee beans to achieve the complex flavors of its dark roast holiday blend. We easily loved the flavor of Caribou's Reindeer Blend, but it is a fickle roast. Brewing with a drip coffee maker doesn't unleash the full profile of the beans and roast, making it taste like any plain old coffee. We recommend using freshly ground beans if possible, and using a Chemex, Moka Pot, or French press to prepare it; a myriad of tastes hide in this coffee — Caribou says to expect "a hint of caramel and a dash of spice," but that is only coaxed out by the perfect brewing conditions. 

The taste of buttery toffee, faint winter spice, and caramelization of a dark roast culminate into an overall experience similar to a toasted marshmallow or the crystallized top of crème brûlée. It tastes like sitting next to a roaring fireplace — but for a dash of extra coziness, try stirring your fresh cup of Reindeer Blend with a cinnamon stick for a few moments before drinking.

Reindeer Blend is $16.99 per pound directly through Caribou or $9.99 for 10 ounces from Target.

Good & Gather Dark Chocolate Peppermint

It seems that everyone has a love-hate relationship with grocery shopping at Target, but the red circle's in-house brand, Good & Gather, does put out an impressive lineup of flavored coffees. Target's effort to bring more variety in household coffee at a less offensive price — some competitors sharing shelf space with Good & Gather's coffee run $12 to $15 dollars per bag or more, while G&G is a mere $6.99 for 12 ounces, per Target online — doesn't go unnoticed by us.

There's no shortage of options in coffee flavors from this brand, but when the temps start to drop and the Christmas pajamas come out, the naturally-fitting flavor of choice is dark chocolate peppermint. The intense cocoa taste is balanced by a cool overtone of peppermint — and while the coffee isn't inherently sweet, adding cream and sugar will elevate it to a cafe-worthy treat. When the first waves of this brew hit your nostrils, you'll be perfectly content to fill your cup, sit back, and watch the snow fall.

Dunkin' Holiday Blend Dark Roast

We all know what coffee America runs on — and when you need to hustle out the door for a day full of holiday shopping, the Dunkin' Limited Edition Holiday Blend delivers on the caffeine kick you need to shoulder through the Christmas crowds. This festive brew from one of the most beloved American coffee chains received approval from us, but the flavor is one we'd have to disclose as unique to other holiday blends. 

The dark-roasted Ethiopian beans seem to retain more terroir — the natural flavors that develop as a result of the coffee bean's species and growing conditions, not the roasting technique. As a result, the Dunkin' Holiday Blend gave us hints of sugarplum, candied figs, and molasses. It was a delicious coffee, but different from the spices, caramel, and chocolate notes of other wintry blends.

The Dunkin' Holiday Blend is available through most major grocers and may be available at local Dunkin' locations. At Target, you can get 11 ounces of Dunkin's holiday coffee for $8.59.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

Where there's Christmas, there are cookies, right? Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Coffee embodies one of our favorite holiday desserts. Each sip reminds us of a buttery, warm, fresh-baked snickerdoodle. The light roast used for this brew is vibrant and lively, a seamlessly accentual companion to the cookie flavor. The cookie essence isn't as intense as it would be in a flavored latte; to sweeten up this brew we recommend heating some milk or cream on the stove with cinnamon powder and cookie butter. Whisk constantly while it heats until the milk is smooth and textured, then pour it into the coffee in a one-to-one ratio.

As far as we can tell, Green Mountain's Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Coffee is only available outside of the wholesale space as Keurig pods. Through Amazon, the coffee is available in a 12-count for $14.95. Otherwise, get a deal by picking up a 24-pack of pods at Walmart for $14.47.

Starbucks Gingerbread Medium Roast

Gingerbread is a holiday flavor with a loyal following but can be an acquired taste. If the robust flavors of ginger, molasses, and autumnal baking space are something you enjoy, you'll be delighted to find the Starbucks Gingerbread Medium Roast Coffee in your stocking this year — but bear in mind that the flavor intensity is nothing like biting into a fresh gingerbread cookie or even drinking a gingerbread latte. Or, at least, that was our impression.

This is actually a bit of an advantage for this festive Starbucks roast, though, because it makes it more palatable to coffee lovers who aren't all that keen on gingerbread. There are discernible notes of ginger, but other holiday flavors come forward too for a balanced aromatic brew. This Starbucks roast is available at Target for $9.99 per 11 ounces. Act fast, though — you never know how long these seasonal gems will last!

Trader Joe's Wintry Blend

The Wintry Blend coffee is another beloved product from Trader Joe's, which garnered many devoted fans during past holiday seasons. We've never given it a try personally — between trying to avoid buying TJ's products from Amazon and always seeming to miss the restock at our local store, this coffee has been frustratingly elusive. But back in 2018, MyRecipes reviewer Jeremy Glass called it back "a first-class ticket to the holidays." Glass points out the unspoken: Big brands try, and try hard, to re-embody the holiday spirit through painfully strategic marketing. Something about the sorta-vintage, unassuming blue canister of Wintry Blend secures an authenticity that other brands fail to manufacture, Glass explained.

Wintry Blend is said to be heartily spiced with cinnamon, cloves, and peppercorns. These flavors could be a bit sharp-edged on their own but are likely softened by the caramelization of this brew's medium-dark roast. If it's too intense on its own, you could brew a blend of half Wintry Blend and half your preferred dark roast. Wintry Blend's prices and availability vary by location, but Trader Joe's currently sells 14 ounces of this holiday hallmark for $8.99.

World Market Fireside Rum Ground Coffee

Thick socks, an oversized plaid flannel, and World Market's Fireside Rum Ground Coffee — the holy trinity of winter. Sometimes you want the taste of something warm and boozy without the actual buzz. When this coffee first begins to brew, aromas of hot buttered rum will float throughout your kitchen. World Market reviews say that the rum flavor is perfectly harmonious with the coffee — the flavor of one balances the other. Coffee is not a traditional element of this flavor's inspiration — hot buttered rum is a cocktail made with brown sugar, butter, baking spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, and spiced rum, of course — but with the majority giving enthusiastic approval of the brew, it seems to be a well-suited match.

For this happy marriage of spiced rum and robust coffee, you'll have to head directly to World Market. Fireside Rum is a World Market exclusive, available for $9.99 per 12 ounces.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Holiday Blend

Another great option for the coffee pod users is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Holiday Blend K-cups. While we never got much of a spice profile from this Keurig brand's seasonal brew, there is still a lovely harmony of toasted hazelnut, milk chocolate, and cherry flavors to be found in the roast. It tastes like some sort of elegant Christmastime dessert, something you'd stop on a busy sidewalk to gaze at in a ritzy patisserie window. The Green Mountain Holiday Blend is made with medium-roasted beans, making it the preferred option for coffee drinkers who find dark roasts to be too bold or bitter.

This isn't our favorite holiday coffee because pod coffee is by default not a preferred brewing method of ours, but when that's the only option, this is definitely what we would reach for. A 24-count of Green Mountain's Holiday Blend is $15.99 at Target.

The Fresh Market Christmas Blend Coffee

The Fresh Market's shoppers have an array of holiday coffee flavors to choose from. According to the grocery store, there's Chocolate Cranberry, Pecan Pie, Snowflake Sugar Cookie, or the classic Christmas Blend. The Fresh Market says that this blend is a festive concoction of cinnamon, clove, and sweet vanilla. The Snowflake Sugar Cookie limited edition roast is described as a "buttery medium-roast coffee with flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, and toasted nuts" — that sounds like a divine remedy to waking up on a frosty morning in December. Chocolate Cranberry, which is definitely a unique holiday flavor if we've ever seen one, is reportedly a rich and full-flavored coffee that combines dark chocolate and semi-tart cranberries. This grocery store also offers a holiday brew for the decaff coffee drinkers: Caramel Bread Pudding, said to be a sweet-and-spicy roast encapsulating a festive baked good, is free of caffeine.

Order a 16-ounce bag of the Christmas Blend through The Fresh Market's online storefront for $16.49. Prices and stock may vary at the store's brick-and-mortar locations. 

Door County Coffee White Christmas

Vanilla is a classic holiday flavor, and Door County Coffee and Tea Company celebrate this with an endearingly nostalgic White Christmas roast. This slightly-sweetened brew is indulgent and creamy — exactly like a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream. There is no better companion for a healthy pour of cream and maybe a scoop of sugar if your coffee cravings come with a sweet tooth. We recommend using the drip brewer to drum up a big pot of this on Christmas morning — the scent of vanilla will have everyone in the household floating out of bed. 

Even if vanilla isn't your speed, Door County offers multiple others — classic peppermint Candy Cane, caramel-and-pecan heaven Jingle Bell Java, the holiday spiced Door County Christmas, and cinnamon-spiced Naughty or Nice Grog — to keep spirits high this holiday season. All of Door County's limited edition blends are $10.49 for an 8-ounce bag on Amazon.

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

Chocolate and peppermint are a match made in holiday heaven. If you're not a fan of bitter dark roasts from Starbucks, you'll be happy to learn that this is made with light-roasted coffee beans, so the flavor doesn't overwhelm the peppermint mocha experience. This is also the perfect blend if you like a more balanced amount of peppermint in your beverage. 

It already has a subtle sweetness, but you can turn it into an even sweeter drink with extra sugar or sweetener. However, don't expect that adding cream will transform this into the same experience as ordering a peppermint mocha at Starbucks; it's still just flavored ground coffee.

You can enjoy this blend no matter how you make your coffee. If you're at Walmart, you can find it both in a 17-ounce bag for $12.48 or in a box of 22 K-cup pods for $15.98. With both rated equally, it's up to you to decide how you want to brew it.

Starbucks Holiday Blend

Starbucks releases at least three flavors during the holiday season: a Holiday Blend, Christmas Blend, and Decaf Christmas Blend. However, the one you're most likely to find on grocery store shelves is the Holiday Blend. This product combines beans from several Latin American countries and Sumatra to give this variety a bright and rich flavor profile. The maple sweetness and herbal notes are sure to put you in the holiday mood. However, this flavor is not a universal love, and some customers find the taste too bitter and herbal and reminiscent of a Ricola lozenge.

For those who love it, this variety is often a holiday favorite — nearly as beloved as pumpkin spice in the fall. Since it only comes around once a year, it inspires fans to stock up the moment it hits the shelves. Luckily, if you don't live near a Starbucks location, you can find it in grocery stores. At Target, 10 ounces is only $9.99.

Door County Coffee Candy Cane

Door County's holiday flavors have some of the highest ratings of any of the brands you will find at grocery stores. With candy canes being synonymous with the wonders of Christmas morning, it's no surprise that adding the flavor to your morning coffee sparks nostalgia and joy during the holiday season. 

The sweet and cool flavors of peppermint in this medium-roast Arabica coffee are sure to delight your senses. Drinking a cup of this coffee by the fireplace on a winter's day will have you feeling toasty in no time. Many customers find this flavor to be addictive and regard it as the best peppermint coffee available because the minty flavor is so intense.

If you're looking for this mint-bomb coffee, you can find it at Walmart for $10.99 for an 8-ounce bag. If you're the type of person who likes minty coffee year-round, you may want to grab extra bags while it's on the shelf, because your grocery store is unlikely to carry it past the holidays.

Door County Jingle Bell Java

This is the kind of coffee you want to sip at the end of your journey dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh. With delicious gourmet flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, and toasted pecans, you'll feel like you're consuming a holiday confection rather than just drinking a cup of coffee. 

Even if your guests don't arrive at your holiday celebrations on horseback, they'll still enjoy every drop of this delicious coffee and comment on it as they drink. All of the flavors in the coffee blend perfectly, with no one aroma overpowering the rest. So, even if you don't usually reach for cinnamon coffees, you're still likely to find it delicious.

While the flavors in this coffee would be well-loved year-round, Door County thinks it should be saved for the holiday season. So, you'll want to get an 8-ounce bag (or several) while they're still available. You can find them at Walmart during the holiday season for $10.99.

Door County Coffee Door County Christmas

Take note that Door County Coffee has both a White Christmas and a Door County Christmas blend. So you don't confuse them, White Christmas is a vanilla-flavored coffee, while Door County Christmas is all about holiday spices. All the ingredients in Christmas are kept secret, and Door County Coffee is only willing to reveal that there's cinnamon and nutmeg in the spice mix. Some fans detect gingerbread flavors, and others mention tasting a hint of mint.

It's become such a tradition with repeat customers that the company has vowed never to change the recipe. It will remind you of the magic of your childhood Christmas, full of sparkling decorations, homemade cookies, and delight. Once you start to brew this blend, it will fill your house with the smells of the holidays.

Walmart sells an eight-ounce bag of this wonderful Door County Christmas coffee for $10.99. So, if you see it on the shelves, you'll want to be sure to grab a pack and give it a try.