Yogurtland's New Mystery Flavor Is Inspired By The Game White Elephant

The holiday season is here and winter is looming closer every day. With the emergence of Christmas music, festive ornaments, and dazzling light displays, the holidays for most of us are when the weather begins to get nice and chilly. While some people love to stuff their bellies with seasonal soups or hearty stews, others prefer to enjoy a sweet treat. The holidays certainly have no shortage of sweets, from homemade holiday cookie recipes to store-bought treats like Costco's peppermint loaf cake. All these festive food and drinks can leave you feeling more than full, and there's one dessert option out there that is lighter and slightly healthier but still satisfies a sweet tooth: frozen yogurt. It's a year-round treat that can help break up all those rich holiday meals.

According to WebMD, frozen yogurt is loaded with probiotic cultures, which aid in digestion and can improve your overall immune system. For those looking to cut down on calories and fat, frozen yogurt can be a good alternative to richer desserts like ice cream. Women's Health reports that one scoop of frozen vanilla yogurt has 114 calories, vs 137 calories for the same size of vanilla ice cream. If you've got a hankering for froyo, the chain Yogurtland has over 250 locations nationwide and internationally to satisfy your craving. Each location offers a variety of flavors, and customers can even add custom toppings. The chain's rotating flavor selection even offers seasonal flavors that add some fun to the holiday season.

A surprise in every bite

According to a press release, Yogurtland's newest seasonal offering is inspired by the popular holiday game white elephant. White elephant gift giving involves choosing a mysterious gift where the gift is a surprise. During the holiday season, customers can order Yogurtland's mysterious white elephant-flavored yogurt and enjoy a sweet surprise. The company isn't giving any clues as to what flavor the yogurt could be, even sharing that each location may have a different flavor. Yogurtland is encouraging customers to take a photo of their white elephant yogurt and upload it to social media with the tag #showyoflavor. Yogurtland also has other holiday seasonal flavors, like chocolate peppermint cookies and snickerdoodle. Customers are encouraged to mix and match with the white elephant to create their own unique creations.

This isn't the first time Yogurtland has released a special limited-time flavor. In 2021, to celebrate the return of back-to-school, Yogurtland released a cereal and milk-flavored yogurt. Over the summer, the company partnered with the candy brand Sour Patch Kids to create a watermelon-flavored sorbet infused with the watermelon gummy candy (per PR Newswire). Like most good things, these collaborations and flavors don't last forever. The white elephant flavor is only available for purchase in-store and only for a limited time.