Instagram Isn't Impressed With Costco's Returning Thin Mint Pretzels

Over the years, Girl Scout cookies have developed somewhat of a cult following. It's something about those colorful boxes that gets anyone with a sweet tooth salivating. And while everyone has their favorite Girl Scout cookie — whether it's coconut-covered Samoas or crunchy Peanut Butter Patties — Girl Scouts of the USA reports that the top-selling cookies year after year are the classic Thin Mints.

Now, if you're a Costco member, you can enjoy the ever-popular cookies in another form with Girl Scout Thin Mint Pretzels. The fan account @costcobuys on Instagram recently shared a photo of the find on Instagram. Inspired by — as the name suggests — Thin Mints, the snack is described on the package as "crunchy pretzels double dipped in mint flavored 100% real dark chocolate." Sounds like something all Girl Scout cookie aficionados would want to try, right? However, despite the excitement surrounding the sweet treat in the comments section of the post, it turns out these pretzels are pretty divisive among Costco shoppers. People either love them or hate them — here's why.

Not everyone loves the new Girl Scout snack

Costco fans quickly flocked to Instagram to share their opinions on the new Girl Scout Thin Mint Pretzels. Many, unfortunately, were negative. "I love everything chocolate peppermint but these were not good. Tasted like mouth wash," one person commented. Others had similar opinions, with one comparing the flavor to toothpaste. "These weren't as good as I thought they would be. Had a funny aftertaste," another shopper added. The pretzels have been on Costco shelves before, and were equally controversial in the past. "Hopes demolished. It's like brushing your teeth with pretzels," a Redditor complained on an entire Reddit thread dedicated to the Girl Scout snack.

That said, the pretzels do have some fans among Costco shoppers, including the original poster on Instagram, @costcobuys, who said they can't get enough of them. "Oh my god don't do this if you have no willpower," another person cautioned, while one agreed, "These are SO GOOD!" A reviewer at The Kitchn was equally impressed, writing, "it has the perfect proportion of pretzel to chocolate, striking the balance between salty, sweet, and minty."