Why You Don't Want To Buy Name-Brand Cereal At Aldi

Aldi is known for being a one-stop shop, where you can find a ton of items way cheaper than at other retailers. There are scores of great deals at Aldi and the selections are not limited to just food and beverage.

One cheap type of product that customers in the know rave about is Aldi's cheeses. Not only are the cheeses high quality, but they are budget-friendly.

According to Taste of Home, the reason Aldi is able to keep prices so low is that most of its products are produced under a private label. About 90% of all products are Aldi's private label versus big-name brand items.

While at first glance, it may seem that everything at Aldi is cheaper, there are some deals that are certainly better than others. Dried spices, especially organic spices, are some of the best-priced deals to score at Aldi, with prices significantly lower than any other big box stores.

Like other stores, Aldi sells its fair share of bagged potato chips. The brand's kettle-cooked chips not only offer a light and airy crispy crunch but deliver on price.

But before you run out and grab all of the packaged foods, there is one breakfast item that you should rethink purchasing.

You can purchase it cheaper

The Krazy Koupon Lady found that while Aldi sells name-brand cereal, it's actually cheaper to purchase it from other big box retailers. When looking at a price comparison, the savings from purchasing at Walmart is quite large.

She noted that a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch sells for $4.27 at Aldi, while the same box sells for $3 at Walmart. Since Aldi keeps prices low by stocking its own brand, it makes sense that name-brand items' prices are higher. If your cereal craving hits while at Aldi, there are some affordable options for you.

While Aldi doesn't offer many name brands, it offers plenty of knockoff cereals that look familiar to some beloved childhood cereal brands. While it is subjective, some of the best cereals include Aldi's version of Frosted Flakes. Cinnamon crunch squares also seem to be a popular and affordable choice.

If you need something a little more filling for your breakfast needs, Aldi sells a budget-conscious corned beef hash that's less than $2.