Arby's Has Wrapping Paper That Smells Like Meat

It is said that scent is heavily tied to memory — which makes it especially perfect in holiday gift giving. Many food and beverage companies have harped on this, including Texas Roadhouse and Budweiser. In the past, both brands have made scented candles that carry the smell of savory goods. While such products aren't conventionally sold in this space, that uniqueness is also exactly what sets them apart — especially among food and beverage lovers. 

According to, one's sense of smell is heavily tied to the brain and can evoke powerful feelings of emotion. For many, Arby's is a nostalgic fast food restaurant that they grew up eating. The chain is known for its iconic commercials that most commonly promote its meat-packed sandwiches. Therefore, it makes sense that Arby's is releasing a holiday exclusive for its customers that encompasses the scent of its brand this season. 

In the past, Arby's has released a holiday glass and sweatshirt, which were both successful, but this new exclusive is unlike any other (via Delish).

It's the perfect accessory for any meat lover

This year, Arby's is releasing an unconventional holiday product for its customers: meat-scented wrapping paper. The item comes with the chain's famous meat sandwiches printed all over it, and it's priced at $18.50 on the store's website. In the past, the fast food chain has had a meat-decorated wrapping paper on its storefront, although it was not scented at the time (via Thrillist). 

However, though some enjoy the scent of Arby's ham, others might be equally as repulsed by it. The storefront describes the odor of the wrapping paper as "smoke" scented, so it might not be as pungent as most apprehensive customers may think. However, the internet is still having a mixed reaction to the wrapping. Arby's shared the item on its Instagram and Twitter accounts, stating, "Wrapping paper that looks like meat? And smells like meat? Who cares what's inside!" Some users were definitely drawn to the product, with one Instagram user commenting, "Copping it rn." Other users were a bit more confused about the product. "Looks and smells like meat but please don't eat?" wrote another person.

Nonetheless, this product can easily be a hit among frequent Arby's diners. Or use it to wrap gag gifts or white elephant presents. Either way, it will definitely grab the recipient's attention.