Outback Presents Its New Steak To You Under A Smoke-Filled Dome

Whether you're looking for a date night meal or just a satisfying weeknight meal, chains like Outback Steakhouse do the trick. Outback has steakhouse in its name, but for many customers, the chain's appetizers, like its bloomin' onion are almost as sought after as the steaks. Outback has an extensive menu, with everything from burgers, to chicken wings, to salmon and shrimp. However, it's the large variety of affordable steaks that keeps people coming back.

Like any good restaurant, the menu has to constantly be changing to keep things new and exciting. Outback knows this and often offers limited-time appetizers or special offers. In 2022, the chain hopped on the Nashville Hot chicken obsession and began selling Nashville-style hot chicken wings. Outback also switches up its steak offerings from time to time to keep things interesting. In 2021, Outback rolled out its sugar steak. Rest assured this is not a steak meets dessert mashup. According to Chewboom, a sugar steak is one that is marinated in brown sugar and honey and topped with a brown sugar glaze. The sugar steak has come and gone, but Outback just announced a new steak, sure to keep customers talking.

A fine dining experience at an affordable price

One of the appeals of Outback is that it offers high-quality, low-priced steak. Its newest steak offering brings the high-end feel of an expensive restaurant to customers at an affordable price. According to Chewboom, Outback's newest offering is the Smoked Porterhouse. The porterhouse steak is a combination of the filet and the New York strip (per Beef It's What's For Dinner). What takes the steak to the next level is the presentation. Every smoked porterhouse is served underneath a smoke-filled dome. The unveiling of the steak is sure to make everyone at the table feel as though they've been transported to a luxurious, fine-dining steakhouse.

Due to the nature of the presentation, the Smoked Porterhouse is only available for dine-in customers. If you really want to embrace the fancy festive vibe of the holidays, you can order a Smoked Cinnamon Pecan Old Fashioned to pair with your smoked steak. Just like the steak, the cocktail is smoked with oak, before arriving at your table with an impressive smoke trail. Both the steak and the cocktail are only around for a limited time, get your fancy on before it's too late.