Ryan Seacrest Supports CNN's No Alcohol Decision On The New Year's Eve Broadcast

Another famous face is expressing support to scale back alcohol consumption during CNN's New Year's Eve countdown. In November, CNN revealed that on-air drinking has been barred from the program, with the exception of hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen, reportsĀ Variety. CNN CEO Chris Licht's decision comes from the belief that drinking alcohol during a broadcast can harm the station's credibility.

Licht's beliefs are likely right on par, as the program has seen some belligerent acts in years past. To ring in 2017, CNN anchor Don Lemon got his earlobe pierced live on TV from New Orleans (per Hollywood Reporter). The piercing wasn't really the issue as much as the shots of liquor he took to prepare himself for it. Those watching from home were noticing his behavior, saying he was "hammered." Lemon wasn't a fan of the criticism; according to Entertainment Weekly, Lemon said anyone who didn't agree with his antics could "kiss my behind, I do not care. I don't care." Despite the reason the choice was made this year, it's definitely garnering respect from one radio host.

Ryan Seacrest says he doesn't drink on air

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, radio personality Ryan Seacrest was asked what his feeling are regarding CNN's no-alcohol decision. "I don't advocate drinking when one is on the air," Seacrest said. "I don't know how that started as a tradition, but it's probably a good idea [to scale back], CNN." He acknowledged that viewers might wish for the opposite, but during his show "we will not drink until 1:05 in the morning." Seacrest has been the face of New Year's Rockin' Eve since 2006. "I prefer not [drink alcohol] on a live broadcast so I get the countdown right, I don't want to screw it up," he says.

Last year, CNN's Andy Cohen dissed Seacrest during the broadcast, perĀ Page Six. As he was drinking, he called the team at New Year's Rockin' Eve "losers." Later, on his "Radio Andy" show, he said slamming Seacrest was something he regrets. "I really like Ryan Seacrest and he's a great guy. And I really regret saying that, and I was just stupid and drunk and feeling it," he said. Though Cohen is among the two who are allowed to drink this year, he'll hopefully leave Seacrest out of any ensuing tirade.