A Car Crashed Into A Culver's And People Still Had To Work

Culver's is a beloved Midwestern fast food chain known for its iconic ButterBurger and Fresh Frozen Custard. According to Scrape Hero, there are over 900 stores in 26 states all with a mission of "putting people first, celebrating guests, and leading by example," per Culver's. The move following an alarming incident at a Culver's in Westfield, Indiana calls into question the judgment of management and their treatment of employees.

A white pickup truck crashed into the entrance of the Culver's located near the intersection of 146th Street and Gray Road in Westfield, Indiana (via Fox59). The impact completely destroyed the main customer entrance. The collision knocked over the door, dislodged the door frame, and left shattered glass piled on both the inside and outside of the entrance. The Westfield Fire Department has not given any indication as to what caused the accident, but there thankfully have been no reports of injuries.

Employees still had to work after the crash

Considering the shock this must have caused to employees and the introduction of a now gaping hole into the front of the restaurant, you would think this Culver's location would have opted to just call it a day. However, the Westfield Fire Department revealed that the restaurant would continue to run as usual because there was a second customer entrance (via CBS4Indy).

According to Indeed, the average employee at Culver's in Indiana makes about $13 per hour, which frankly doesn't seem like enough pay to deal with both the results of the accident and attempt to continue service as usual. Imagine trying to recover from the shock while a customer lists off endless toppings they want to be added to their custom concrete.

This is not the first time a car has crashed into a fast-food establishment. In South Brunswick, New Jersey, an airborne car crashed into a Wendy's seating area. Miraculously, there were no serious injuries in this accident either. At least the management at that Wendy's had the good sense to close.