PopCorners Gets The Super Bowl 2023 Ad Treatment With Breaking Bad Theme

PopCorners are the delicious, healthier alternative to snacking on potato or tortilla chips. Started in Middletown, New York, in 2009, the snacks are a "puffed corn chip" that is both "crunchy and fluffy," according to Record Online. They proved so popular that budget airline JetBlue served the snacks on their flights. Described on its Instagram as "the better-for-you, popped-corn chip that packs in the flavor and fun," the company experienced rapid growth that attracted the attention of PepsiCo Frito-Lay, which acquired the snack company, along with other brands under the BFY Brands umbrella, in late 2019, per Food Dive.

There are three products featuring a range of flavors. You can snag a bag of PopCorners in flavors like sweet chili, spicy queso, or kettle corn. If you're looking for a post-workout protein boost, they offer Flex, with 10 grams of protein, which come in barbecue or Buffalo chicken wing flavors. Flourish chips are packed with veggies like toasted cauliflower and kale and are gluten-free, via PopCorners.

So with their rapid growth and popularity, it's fitting that they're finally making their advertising debut on the biggest snacking day of the year — the Super Bowl.

The Breaking Bad revival comes 10 years after the last season aired

According to a statement from PopCorners, the snack will finally have its own Super Bowl commercial – its first ever. The ad will run during Super Bowl LVII on February 12. The ad campaign will also revive one of the most-lauded and critically acclaimed shows ever – "Breaking Bad." The brand released a teaser photo on its social media platforms on December 22, showing a darkened silhouette of someone standing in a desert, holding a bag of white cheddar PopCorners. The small revival comes "a decade after the final season and multiple franchise installments," according to the statement. The series originally aired from 2008-2013 and won 16 Primetime Emmys over the course of its run, and spawned the spin-off "Better Call Saul," per IMDB.

Frito-Lay is known for its big Super Bowl commercials, like last year's 'Twas the Night Before Super Bowl campaign featuring past NFL legends like the Manning brothers, Joe Montana, and Terry Bradshaw snacking on Frito-Lay brands Doritos and Tostitos and making mischief in a large shared house.

The ad campaign is sure to excite "Breaking Bad" and PopCorners fans alike. We don't have a lot of information yet, but fans have been encouraged to stay tuned for the latest developments.