National Pizza Day 2023: Here's Where To Find The Best Deals

Did you know there's such a thing as National Pizza Day? You may remember learning in school as a kid that pizza is an American invention. This is not strictly speaking true. In fact, it's not even loosely speaking true. Pizza was invented in Naples in the early 18th century, meaning that it literally predates our nation (per History). Naples, a thriving port city-state, had a lot of working poor who lived much of their lives outdoors and required food that could be eaten on the go. Flatbreads sold by street vendors and casual restaurants fit the bill. The toppings enjoyed by 18th-century Neoplitans might sound familiar – tomatoes, cheese, anchovies, olive oil, and garlic.

In fact, according to legend, it was Queen Margherita's visit to Naples in 1889 after the unification of Italy that birthed the Margherita pizza. During their visit to the seaside city, the king and queen decided to try the local fare, and the queen took a shine to the variety topped with mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and fresh basil.   Neapolitan immigrants who came to the U.S. in the late 19th century found a ready market for their quick-to-eat, low-cost regional delicacy, and by the 1940s, pizza had gone mainstream.

National Pizza Day is almost on us again, and you know what that means: Time to hit up the best pizza place in every state. The holiday rolls around on February 9, and here are some of the deals you can snag this year.

Schlotzsky's Members can get twice as much pizza on Pizza Day

One of the best deals happening on National Pizza Day is exclusively for members of Schlotzsky's Rewards program. Participating locations of the pizza and sandwich chain can get a free Schlotzsky's "gourmet" pizza when they buy one at the regular price, either through the Schlotzsky's app or online through the website.

Though there are a few restrictions on this deal – it doesn't include added toppings, kids' pizzas, or the extra cost of gluten-free crusts – members still get the opportunity to double up on their favorite pies, like the California Chicken and Avocado with chipotle aioli, or the Pepperoni and Double Cheese, with mozzarella and Parmesan.

The offer is only good on February 9, National Pizza Day, and only for Schlotzsky's Rewards Members. Pizza lovers can join in a snap through the smartphone app or website. Considering that the pizzas at Schlotsky's cost as little as $8 and change, this could be a chance to get so much pizza for so little dough. (Pun intended.)

Chuck E Cheese might have a BOGO deal for you

Chuck E. Cheese is evidence that the idea of a gigantic rodent within whiffing distance of your pizza somehow screams "fun." Or maybe it makes patrons scream a different word that begins with "F," namely "free." The kid-centric pizza chain has offered "buy one, get one free" (BOGO) deals for National Pizza Day in the past. And whether the announcement appeared on Twitter or Facebook, it placed the mile-wide smile of its mouse mascot next to pizzas that were just begging to be tasted. 

According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, customers can take advantage of a BOGO deal for large one-topping pizzas this year by visiting a participating location. Of course, the keyword here is "participating." So don't go assuming that a lack of free pizza means the mascot finally gave into temptation, ate the other half of the BOGO offer, and used nonparticipation as an excuse. That just means you should check ahead to make sure it's happening where you are.

Domino's offers that fans can capitalize on

Even if you've never heard the saying "good things come in threes," at least one major pizza chain clearly has. On February 6, just three days before National Pizza Day (which is three days before the Super Bowl), Domino's will reportedly begin a soft launch of Loaded Tots which come in three varieties in the leadup to a February 14 rollout, according to Merazon. And while not strictly speaking a Pizza Day deal, until March 26 (during the third month of the year), Domino's will give you a $3 tip for picking up your orders.

Then there's February 9, which is notably the result of three sets of three days. Fans of the chain probably know that Domino's has various coupons. Right now the chain lists – you guessed it – three different offers. Among them is a Mix & Match deal that allows patrons to pay $6.99 apiece for two or more items. There's also a $7.99 carryout deal that can be enjoyed in three different ways – by ordering one-topping pizzas, dips and twists combos, or an eight-piece order of wings. Since the chain also lists local deals, customers may want to check what their nearest location is offering on that day.