A Taylor Swift Breakup-Themed Pop-Up Is Opening For Valentine's Day

Are you ready for it, Swifties? Are you ready for Valentine's Day, that is? If you're single, then the holiday is probably not your favorite day of the year (although, it is a great excuse to eat chocolate and watch a rom-com). According to Statista, Valentine's Day raked in close to $24 billion in 2022 alone. Contrary to popular belief, being single doesn't mean you can't participate in the money-spending holiday, especially when fruity drinks and Taylor Swift's music is involved.

Chicago is letting you be the anti-hero on Valentine's Day with a Swift-themed break-up bar. The venue, named "Bad Blood," pays homage to her 2014 album, "1989." This is a Swiftie's chance to shake off their ex and have the night of their wildest dreams—and no, we won't stop with the music puns. Per an Instagram post from Chicago Bucket List, the pop-up bar will feature a free welcome drink, themed cocktails, on-site tarot card readers, and Taylor photo-ups.

You have to reserve your spot

Just to be clear, Taylor Swift will not be attending the break-up bar experience, despite her many recent surprise appearances at concerts with The 1975, Haim, and Bon Iver. According to the Bucket Listers website, Chicago's "Bad Blood" pop-up will be running from January 27 until February 26 and will require a $22 general admission ticket. You can even spin the "Shake It Off Wheel of Cocktails" to choose your drink for the night.

Bucket Listers is known to have some exciting opportunities for entertainment fans across the United States. The brand's most recent experiences include a Golden Girls-themed pop-up restaurant in New York and a Blockbuster Video-inspired speakeasy in Los Angeles. Swift is known to have some fun recipes of her own, including her viral chai sugar cookies, so we are hoping that some tasty appetizers will make their way to the Valentine's Day pop-up. 

If a Swift-themed bar isn't really your scene, you could just wait in the midnight rain for that red scarf she will probably never get back.