Everything Tom Hanks Would Order As His Last Meal On Earth

Sure, Tom Hanks is a cultural icon, a massive Hollywood star, and one of the most recognizable faces on Earth, but beneath all that glitz and glamor lurks a human. And just like everyone else, this guy's taste buds know what they like. So what pleases Mr. Hanks' palate?

Nearly a decade ago, during a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" question and answer period, Hanks revealed that if he could only have one type of food for the rest of his life, he'd choose Japanese cuisine for its apparent health benefits. He also revealed that his idea of a perfect sandwich consists of ham and swiss on spelt with just mustard and a smattering of lettuce, hold the tomato. After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, the actor has developed a hankering for Diet Coke and recently shared his penchant for champagne and Diet Coke with Stephen Colbert. A YouTube video shows Colbert joining Hanks for a glass of his creation and agreeing that it was quite tasty: "We had the Tom Collins. Now we have the Tom Hanks." Maybe Mr. Hanks has just created the best new cocktail of 2023.

And those aren't his only fav foods. In fact, his ideal "last meal" consists of an eclectic mash-up of dishes that may surprise you.

Tom Hanks loves the Tom Cruise cake

If you've never played the "What would you eat for your last meal on earth?" game, you've been missing out. This is, after all, your chance to envision dining on anything. Lobster? Sure. Caviar? No problem. This is the game where money is no object and calories don't count. When Mythical Kitchen asked Tom Hanks to compile his list, Hanks ordered five very different courses (via YouTube).

His first request would be Challah bread French toast smothered in Cary's sugar-free syrup, a condiment that Hank's confessed he's "developed a taste" for. Next up, is an In-N-Out Double-Double with a (you guessed it) Diet Coke. Hanks reportedly told Conan O'Brien in 2009 that In-N-Out "solves every problem" (via MTV). So presumably, it would also solve his final hunger pangs. But maybe not.

In-N-Out would be followed by a Greek salad with avocado, calamari, a side of pita, and the fun-to-pronounce taramasalata. MasterClass explains this is a Greek appetizer that involves "bread crumbs or mashed potatoes" with caviar (ah, there it is!), some lemon juice, and olive oil. Hanks would, then, dig into El Cholo's Taste of History platter with a diet (of course) of Dr Pepper. According to the actor, this dish is an "experience second to none." And, of course, no feast would be complete without something sweet. In this case, it is a white chocolate, coconut Bundt cake that Hanks receives every Christmas from Tom Cruise and refers to as "Tom Cruise cake." Apparently, it's to die for.