Duff Goldman's All-Time Favorite Cake Donut Is A Gas Station Win

What do Homer Simpson, Brooklyn Beckham, cops in comedy shows, and Buddy Valastro all have in common? They all love donuts — Beckham and Valastro both even had donut birthday cakes, via Food Network – and they're not alone. According to a survey by National Today, 91% of Americans say they like or love donuts. From Krispy Kreme to Dunkin' and Entenmann's to the mom-and-pop donut shops peppered across the country (National Geographic says there are 1,500 in Los Angeles alone), one thing pretty much everyone seems to agree on is that donuts are delicious. But which donut is best? 

It depends on who you ask. In a Mashed survey of 28,000, people overwhelmingly preferred glazed donuts to all others, yet not everyone swears by the classic glazed. Alex Guarnaschelli favors the apple crumb donuts at Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop in New York City, while Scott Conant raves about the coconut cream donuts at Donut Plant, also in NYC (via Food Network). But "Ace of Cakes" star Duff Goldman's love of cakes apparently extends to donuts, too. He recently shared his favorite donut in an interview, and though his preference for cake donuts over his fellow Food Network stars' raised isn't that shocking, you might be surprised at where his favorite version comes from.

7-Eleven is Duff Goldman's donut heaven

When Duff Goldman was interviewed by Rick Oleshak for an episode of "The Oven Light" podcast, he revealed his favorite donut (via AB Mauri). It's not one of his own recipes, or from some fancy, celeb-loved donut shop, and it's not from a humble mom-and-pop joint, either. No, when Goldman is craving a donut, he heads out to the convenience store.

"My all-time — don't laugh, don't judge," Goldman said, already bracing listeners for his surprising donut confession. "My favorite donut that is consistently good is the blueberry cake donut at 7-Eleven," the "Ace of Taste" star shared. "It is an excellent donut," he said, making sure to note, "and not the donut holes ... it's gotta be the whole donut." It's not the first time he's gone to bat for 7-Eleven's blueberry cake donuts, either — he gave them a shoutout on Twitter in 2022, too. Goldman isn't alone in his love of cake donuts because 14% of Mashed survey respondents said cake donuts were their favorite, and blueberry donuts have their fans too as 5% of people in a National Today survey said blueberry was the best flavor. But 7-Eleven donuts? It turns out he's not alone there, either. "Them blueberry donuts from 7-Eleven the greatest lol," a fellow fan said on Twitter. That settles it!