The Spanish Sauce Bobby Flay Uses To Level Up Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are such a kitchen staple, and there are more than a handful of ways to prepare them. Not only that, but you can accessorize them with a multitude of different sauces, herbs, and dressings — making them difficult to get bored of.

But in case you need some inspiration to level your eggs even further, Bobby Flay has just the tip for you. Despite his decorated background, the host of "Beat Bobby Flay" is quite an egg enthusiast, sharing cooking tricks with his followers such as how to perfectly poach and fry them. And if you have a specific Spanish sauce on hand, along with some goat cheese, Flay has exactly the egg recipe in mind to give your normal scrambled eggs a Mediterranean twist. You can pair this dish as a side with a larger dish, or enjoy it on some toasted bread — either way, the celebrity chef dubs this dish "awesome" (via Bon Appétit).

Romesco provides eggs with a new zingy flavor

You've heard of pesto eggs, but what about romesco on eggs? The slightly spicier cousin of pesto, romesco is also made out of olive oil, nuts, and garlic. However, its special ingredient is its addition of tomato, giving it a sweeter flair. The tomato-based sauce originated in northeastern Spain, where fishermen used it to top their fresh catches (via The Berkshire Edge). And although these pioneers used a version of the sauce that is made out of fresh, handpicked tomatoes, it can also be bought at grocery stores like Whole Foods.

But similar to its original users, Bobby Flay is using it in another protein-filled dish in order to elevate its normally savory flavors. It makes sense how a similar dish was once served at his Mediterranean-styled restaurant, Gato, which has since been closed (via Yelp). Fortunately, egg lovers can still try romesco eggs by making them at home, all courtesy of Flay.