Here's How To Beat Bobby Flay, According To Ted Allen

Fans of most any Bobby Flay show are likely excited about the new episodes of the chef and restaurateur's series, Beat Bobby Flay. But you've likely wondered just what gives the few chefs who have beaten Flay on his own show their edge. After all, Flay is pretty unstoppable. With 26 seasons behind him and a new one airing, Flay has won a surprising number of competitions (via IMDb).

According to Gossip Cop, Flay has won 199 rounds out of the 316 episodes of the show as of February 2021. That means he wins about 63 percent of the time, which are really good odds for Flay considering how many contestants and shows have been filmed. However, some Redditors suspect that "selective casting" happens (via Reddit). Regardless, those who know him best know there are a few tactics and tips for actually beating the renowned chef at his own game.

To beat Bobby Flay, you need to keep a cool head

One of his close friends, Giada De Laurentiis, spilled to the Food Network about Flay's weaknesses. She said, "One would be pasta. Number two: desserts. Those are the things he feels the most uncomfortable with." So some strategic planning and practice before going on the show could pay off.

But Chopped host Ted Allen knows that Flay is one fierce competitor, even for the pros. "People who have not done competitive cooking may or may not understand that you can be the finest chef in New York City and fall flat on your face under these circumstances," he told Entertainment Weekly. "Competitive cooking is a very specific thing that Bobby has spent a lot of time at the highest levels perfecting." 

So when it comes to advice for what competing chefs should be doing in the kitchen, Allen said, "Know what you can accomplish that is exciting and excellent fast." But another piece of advice he shared focused on what really could be the downfall for many competitors: their nerves. He told Food Network, "What's the key to beating Bobby Flay? Probably being able to control your panic, and being able to focus and concentrate and be aware of what you can do with this ingredient in a short period of time. Good luck." Those who want to battle it out, you've been warned.