What Bourbons Do They Drink On Yellowstone?

Paramount's "Yellowstone" series recently concluded its 5th season. Set in Montana, the story revolves around the life and times of a family that tries to hold on to a vision of the West that's challenged from all sides. The sweeping epic series has proved very popular and has picked up steam as it goes along. Season 5's premiere broke records with over 12 million viewers tuning in to see what would happen next to the Duttons, their rivals, and their world (via Entertainment Weekly).

There are many reasons for the show's popularity: the beautiful vistas and gorgeous scenery, the star-studded cast, the compelling writing, and the dramatic tension of characters trying to preserve a way of life that seems impossible to maintain (via The New York Times). "Yellowstone" taps into long-standing American love and longing for the West, but with a modern sensibility (per Esquire).

Some of the actions of its characters may be less than morally pristine, but there is an unspoiled quality to the world "Yellowstone" portrays; while the family is complicated, their food and drink aren't. It's a meat-and-potatoes sort of cooking of the best sort (via Outsider), and there's plenty of beer and bourbon to go around, too. 

Bourbon fits well with the image of American strength and Big Sky Country that form the backbone of the show and its main characters. As a form of whiskey that originated in the U.S. — and gets called whiskey on the show — and which utilizes American-grown corn, bourbon feels like an over-determined choice for what to drink. However, the characters' preferred choice of brands has changed over time.

Yellowstone's bourbons changing with the seasons

They drink quite a good deal of bourbon on the show (per Hops Hunters). But what kind is it?

Well, that depends on when you're watching. In the earlier seasons of the show, a mostly disguised Bulleit Bourbon was the Dutton patriarch's spirit of choice (though it appears that Beth may have been drinking Southern Comfort, via TV Acute). Bulleit, made in Kentucky, is considered a classic bourbon and it is a great fit for portrayed lifestyle. But those who've been keeping up with more recent programming will have noticed a new brand on the scene, one with its own great history and a tremendous fan base of its own.

Season 5 featured Beth pulling a bottle out of her purse to make a drink for her father — and, against her wishes, for her brother as well — using Weller 12 year, a top-tier, aged Buffalo Trace bourbon that includes wheat in the mash. If that wasn't clear enough, another character is seen ordering a Buffalo Trace at the Dutton victory party's enthusiastically received open bar. After Ryan places his order, others pile on until the bartender declares he'll just make one "for anybody in a cowboy hat" (via Outsider). And the night that Season 5 premiered, Buffalo Trace held their own premier: their first-ever television ad. 

It all points to one thing: "Yellowstone" and Buffalo Trace are inaugurating a new partnership. Possibly, one for the ages.

The Buffalo Trace partnership runs deep

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made with a blend of corn, rye, and barley malt and aged in new oak barrels. Named after the location where the buffalo migration crossed the Kentucky River, this distillery has been in production uninterrupted for 200 years. They were able to continue operations through Prohibition. Apparently, whiskey was never banned during Prohibition because it was used for medicinal purposes. According to the company, "the taste is rich and complex, with hints of vanilla, toffee and candied fruit" with a "smooth finish [that] lingers on the palate."

When The Whiskey Wash reached out to Buffalo Trace, whose parent company is Sazerac, for comment on the new partnership with Paramount, they received an official press release from global brand director Andrew Duncan. Duncan noted that the show and its viewership " share similar values and we knew this was a can't-miss opportunity to introduce our brand to a new and like-minded audience."

Beyond the product placement, Buffalo Trace ran its first television advertisement during the Season 5 premiere. Buffalo Trace Distillery has also launched an entire collection of merchandise in collaboration with "Yellowstone." The Yellowstone Collection, available for purchase online and at their gift shop, includes a sweatshirt, T-shirt, trucker hat, and fittingly, a set of rocks glasses (via Lexington Herald-Leader). Additionally, Buffalo Trace Yard House Yellowstone Single Barrel Select will be available at 85 Yard House locations in 27 states. Whiskey lovers and fans of "Yellowstone" alike have plenty of opportunities to drink alongside their favorite television characters. Cheers!