Costco Shoppers Are Dashing To Grab Its New Cherry & Cheese Pastries

Let's face it: there are so many Costco foods you need to try before you die. The famous $1.50 hot dog combo. The succulent rotisserie chicken. The Kirkland Signature wine. Oh, and of course, anything and everything from the Costco bakery. Muffins, cakes, cookies, brownies, all of it — yes, please.

While nearly everything at Costco has its praises sung at one time or another, Costco's various pastries draw shoppers' attention time and time again. Costco's fresh apple pastry, for instance, had fans going wild back in the spring of 2020. More recently, fans fell in love with Costco's ham and cheese pastry. And, of course, the croissants are simply a Costco classic.

However, the latest sweet and savory addition to the Costco pastry lineup might just be the best we've ever seen. Instagram is, after all, losing its collective mind over the new Costco cherry and cheese pastries. And honestly, can we even blame them?

Costco's newest pastries have Instagram 'in a chokehold'

Costco fans could barely contain themselves after Costco Buys shared footage of new pastries on Instagram. According to the caption, the pastries have "flaky croissant layers, an apricot glaze, and a Greek yogurt cream cheese and cherry filling." A package of six sells for approximately $9.99, though price may vary by location.

Fans immediately flooded the post's comment section with their own experiences. One shopper said they had tried the pastries and made them "even better warmed up with vanilla ice cream." Another said that they "definitely recommend" baking the pastries in an air fryer for the ultimate pastry experience. Still others simply put the pastries in the toaster for a couple minutes to really crisp them up.

That being said, a few shoppers were less than ecstatic about the cherry and cheese pastries. While one person jokingly wrote, "The ham and cheese danishes from Costco already have me in a chokehold, now this." Others complained that "Costco seems to love cherry pastries. Not a fan." Still, others commented that they wanted Costco to make apple strudel or pastries with guava or blueberries instead of cherries. Maybe one day Costco will oblige.