Chicken Wings Are 22% Cheaper This Year, Just In Time For The Super Bowl

February is on the horizon, and with the Big Game merely weeks away, Super Bowl hosts will begin preparing their menus anytime now. Whether you're throwing an all-out party or just inviting a few friends over, you'll want to fashion a lineup of food that'll please every palate. Per Bid-on-Equipment, 74% of Americans prepare Super Bowl foods at their home rather than ordering in, and the top five most frequently served foods are meatballs, guacamole, chips & salsa, tater tots, and chili. Americans also love a variety of dips, including queso, salsa, guacamole, buffalo chicken, and ranch. When it comes to beverages, 43% of viewers will grab something alcohol-free, and 41% will opt for beer or water.

Two in five Americans plan to enjoy Buffalo wings, making them the sixth most popular Super Bowl food choice. Not everyone prefers their chicken wings the same way, though. According to Soocial, 56% of Americans like traditional wings, while 44% opt for the bone-free variety. Preferences also shift when it comes to flavor, as the most popular sauce in the states is honey BBQ instead of Buffalo. Regardless of how you toss them, you'll be delighted to know how much more affordable they are this year versus last Super Bowl Sunday.

Billions of wings are consumed yearly

You might be worried your upcoming Super Bowl celebration will leave a dent in your bank account, and depending on what else you buy, we can't confidently say that it won't. However, if you're planning on adding chicken wings to your menu, you can breathe easy knowing they'll cost 22% less on average than they did for Super Bowl 2022 (per Market Watch and a Wells Fargo study).

These figures will benefit a lot of Americans. According to National Chicken Council, whether they choose to make chicken wings or buy them, sports fans will consume 1.42 billion wings during the Super Bowl. In general, 65% of individuals think major sporting events are a great time to indulge in wings, and in 2021, Maryland was the state that consumed the most chicken wings during the Super Bowl (via Soocial).

Unfortunately, you won't see the same savings when purchasing drinks. Per the same study, beer is expected to cost 11% more, and soft drinks are up 25% in price.