Bobby Flay Uses A Towel To Perfectly Shape His Omelets

Omelets are quick, nutritious, and delicious for breakfast. However, they are as different in taste, style, and appearance as the ingredients and techniques you use in making them. Add-ins like onions, peppers, sausage, ham, fresh herbs, and cheese can make your omelet taste eggceptional, while whisking in a splash of milk or cream can make the consistency even fluffier and creamier, per Egg Info

But what about making your omelet look as good as it tastes? While preparing a classic omelet recipe is simple, plating it to restaurant-worthy perfection takes some more effort. TikTok says you need to try inside-out omelets, which rolls the cheese outside of the eggs for an unexpected golden crust. But if you want to keep things more traditional, have you ever thought a towel could be used in beautifully rolling an omelet? Well, world-renowned chef, restaurateur, and Food Network star Bobby Flay does just that.

The trick is to put a towel over the omelet and squeeze

A certified omelet fan, Flay has imaginative dishes like Spanish tortilla omelets, Persian baked omelets, and more in his recipe repertoire. One of his more interesting omelet tricks, though, has nothing to do with flavor. In a tutorial for his rolled omelet burrito, Flay cooks an omelet as normal, adding Monterey Jack cheese, chorizo, and coarsely chopped cilantro. After folding the cooked omelet into the classic rolled shape, he introduces viewers to a restaurant trick he recommends for shaping the omelet: placing a clean towel over the top to protect his hands from the heat, then gently squeezing the omelet to tuck in any uneven edges.

Flay's hack means that if you've ever had trouble making a tidily rolled omelet, you can cheat your way there with a towel. It's even easier with Mashed's omelet recipe, which shows you that you don't have to shape your omelet inside the pan. Instead, deposit the flat omelet onto a plate, and use your hands, a rubber spatula, or even a paper towel to roll it up. Grab your kitchen towel to make things neat, and serve.