The Effortless Immersion Blender Method For Smoother Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are a popular breakfast choice for a reason — or, many reasons. You can choose to have this high-protein, low-effort food over easy, over medium, sunny side up, or hard-boiled, to name a few. But many would say that scrambled eggs beat them all. This is the most popular way of munching on eggs for breakfast, with 36% of egg aficionados in America going for the scrambled option, per YouGov

However, nailing the perfect scrambled eggs recipe at home can be tricky. The all too common mistake is that your cooking pan may be too hot or sticky, rendering your eggs tough and dry. Other times, they may just be missing that fluffy, ethereal consistency you see chefs pulling off so easily on TV. While Alex Guarnaschelli's unexpected trick for fluffier eggs involves the addition of cold water, there's another way to achieve the light and smooth scramble of your fantasies. Fortunately, it's with a kitchen device you may already own: an immersion blender.

Using an immersion blender saves time and energy

If you're making a ton of scrambled eggs for a group and (understandably) don't enjoy whisking them all by hand, Southern Living advises that you "plug in your immersion blender and have those eggs ready for the skillet in no time." The key to the immersion blender method is to incorporate air into the eggs, making them nice and fluffy. The process is fairly straightforward: "Crack your eggs into a mixing bowl, then use your trusty immersion blender to blend the crap out of them," Alan Henry writes for Lifehacker. A Bon Appétit video on the trick instructs that you blend the eggs until smooth, just as bubbles begin to form on the surface. The steps from there are the same as usual; just cook the eggs in a buttered pan, and voila!

You can use an immersion blender to do virtually anything in the kitchen, not just mix eggs. Giada De Laurentiis says you need an immersion blender to turn chunky gravies, soups, and sauces into smooth perfection, and you can even use them to whip up homemade mayonnaise or blend a smoothie directly into your drinking glass. While an immersion blender is a handy kitchen tool, it can also ruin your scrambled eggs experience if not used properly. To avoid this, just make sure that the bowl you're using to blend the eggs is shatter-proof and that you're carefully holding it in place to avoid breakage or spillage.