Gordon Ramsay's TV Shows Are A Huge Money-Maker For Fox

When you think of culinary-based television shows, a vignette of Food Network offerings likely springs forth in your mind. It makes sense. After all, the network has the word "food" in its very name. With shows starring the likes of Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, Rachael Ray, and more, it seems like the logical onscreen destination for chefs and foodies, right? Well, it turns out that another network boasts an epicurean heavy-hitter that brings a bevy of popular food-related hit shows to its roster. This network is Fox, and the culinary superstar is Gordon Ramsay

Fans of Ramsay can almost always find one of his shows appearing somewhere on Fox's primetime schedule. As a Fox press release reveals, the network currently counts Ramsay's "Next Level Chef," "Hell's Kitchen," "MasterChef," "MasterChef Junior," "24 Hours to Hell and Back," and "Food Stars" among its repertoire. That's an impressive selection — and has been for some time. While "Hell's Kitchen" boasts 22 seasons, his newer titles are also showing promise. The first season of "Next Level Chef" came out in January of last year and lured more viewers aged 18 to 49 than any other premiere of the season. It also became the third "most-streamed Fox unscripted debut ever." And with Deadline stating that the show's second season will air right after the Super Bowl, it seems primed to repeat that success. 

Ramsay certainly appears to be one of Fox's valued lucky charms. But exactly how much money does he make for the network?

Ramsay's shows bring in $150 million in ad revenues

Not only has Gordon Ramsay called Fox "home" for years, but that welcome mat will likely continue to grace the network's doors for years to come. For one thing, Forbes reveals that Ramsay's programs garnered the broadcaster over $150 million in annual advertising revenue in 2020 alone. Not only that, but the celebrity chef and Fox entered into a joint venture in 2021. According to a press release from the company, Ramsay and Fox Entertainment teamed up to create Studio Ramsay Global, a production company that will develop new cooking and lifestyle shows for Fox and the streaming platform Tubi. Clearly, both parties enjoy this symbiotic relationship. 

If you're wondering how much Gordon Ramsay is really worth, he is reported as having a net worth of $220 million, making him the fourth wealthiest chef behind Alan Wong, Kimbal Musk, and Jamie Oliver, per How Long To Cook — though 2023 data suggests Ramsay may have surpassed Oliver

While Ramsay's income stems from a variety of sources, including his collection of restaurants and cookbooks, his television career is certainly a large contributor. Not only will he profit directly from the new production company, but his ever-present TV persona will continue to draw people to his restaurants and books as well. As for Fox, the network not only calls Ramsay a valued "partner and friend," but Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier says his brand "represents integrity and excellence in food" (via Televisual). Not to mention, of course, those hefty ad revenues.