Kate Middleton's Favorite Salad May Be Viral But Is It Real?

If you have a sneaking fondness for learning all about the royals' food favorites, you already know you've come to the right place since it's a passion we share, as well. We're proud to do so, in fact, since royal food news has been a thing ever since the story leaked out about how King Alfred burned a few loaves of bread back in the 9th century. While Alfred was too busy fleeing from Vikings to work on honing his baking skills, more recent monarchs have been far more focused on their diets.

On a given day, King Charles likes to eat sustainable, organic foods when possible, while Prince William's diet keeps things fairly simple. Kate Middleton's eating choices, however, have received a lot of attention, particularly the Dukan diet that she's said to have adopted prior to her wedding. (Imagine the pressure to look your best when literally millions of eyeballs will be watching your every move!) For the most part, Middleton likes to keep things healthy, and to this end, she includes plenty of produce in her diet. She's said to be fond of lunching on salads, but one fruit-based salad, in particular, has caused quite a bit of buzz among royal watchers.

This watermelon salad is something even we commoners can enjoy

To answer the question posed in the title – is this salad for real? – why yes, of course it is. It's a real salad, made from real ingredients, without a hint of fairy dust or unicorn tears. You don't even need your own palace chef to prepare this salad since you can easily recreate it at home by chopping up a bunch of fresh watermelons, tossing in some sliced cucumber, avocado, and red onion, crumbling in a little feta cheese, scattering some fresh basil or mint leaves, then sprinkling everything with an olive oil-slash-lime juice dressing. TikTok has demonstrated that this salad can be done. As to whether this salad is something the Duchess of Cambridge eats on a regular basis, though, we can't say for sure.

The Express may have broken the news of Middleton's allegedly favorite salad, but it doesn't have any quotes from the duchess herself to confirm this. Instead, the newspaper cites unnamed informants at Kensington Palace and nutrition professionals connected with the exercise website Barbend, although there's no indication as to why the latter would have insider information about Middleton's food preferences. All we can say is, this watermelon salad sounds like something Middleton might enjoy, but we may never know for sure unless the duchess ever says so. Fans of watermelon and cucumber, though, are free to try it even if it doesn't come with a royal endorsement.