Everyone Online Is Already Dunking On Logan Paul's Prime Energy Drink

If you thought getting your hands on KSI and Logan Paul's new energy drink Prime was hard enough since they are always sold out on the official Prime website, try purchasing their energy drink now. While some Redditors thought the craze around Prime drinks would die down and "be forgotten soon," it seems like the star YouTubers are pretty serious about making it the next big sports drink brand as they brought out the big guns and introduced Prime energy drink with a Super Bowl commercial.

The ad, which was shot on an iPhone, per The Wall Street Journal, and premiered during the first quarter of the Super Bowl, wasn't as creative or fun as the others, but it surely garnered a lot of attention online. The netizens have strong opinions about Prime energy drinks and are divided, to say the least.

Netizens are divided over Prime energy drink Super Bowl ad

In the Super Bowl advert for Prime, Logan Paul proudly says it's "the fastest-growing sports drink in history." While the drink's popularity is no surprise because the creators are well-known, people seem to have mixed feelings about it. 

Firstly, the netizens aren't too pleased with the pricing of Prime sports drinks which are currently priced at $29.99 per pack. One Redditor claims that some bought crates of it only to resell them on eBay for a higher price. The Irish Sun reports that corner shop Wakefield Wines was selling a bottle of Prime Hydration for as much as $24 a bottle. 

People who tried Prime sports drinks previously said they had way too much sugar in them, and after its Super Bowl commercial aired, some netizens reinforced that comment. "Just drink water kids. This stuff is awful for you," one user tweeted. "Prime sports drink. My kids give it a solid 5 out of 10. Maybe lower. Not that impressed," another user wrote.

Despite the hate, some people seem to enjoy the drink. "First time trying this energy drink. Quite delicious!" one user tweeted. Prime energy drink is already sold out, per its website