Ben Affleck's Super Bowl 2023 Outtakes Are Better Than The Dunkin' Commercial

People love watching outtakes from various shows, especially if the stars are usually serious or dramatic and break character. This year's Dunkin' Super Bowl commercial featured Ben Affleck as a drive-thru operator and many on social media proclaimed it as their favorite ad of the night. It also produced some hilarious outtakes.

Often photographed holding a Dunkin' coffee, the "Good Will Hunting" actor surprised fans in Medford, Massachusetts when they discovered that Affleck was the voice behind the intercom taking their orders in the drive-thru. One fan photographed the actor in his full Dunkin' uniform and headset handing her an order. Lisa Mackey posted the photo to Instagram, thanking the actor and his wife, Jennifer Lopez, for her order. In the full commercial, Affleck serves customers until confronted by JLo, who asks him what he's doing. While she appears perplexed by his activities, she still asks for a glazed donut.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the donut chain had not planned on running a Super Bowl commercial. It was actually Affleck who helped them make the decision. Chief Marketing Officer Jill McVicar Nelson said that they made the decision after seeing the results from "filming himself working a drive-through shift at a location near his hometown of Boston" (per WSJ).

Were the Grammys a set up for the Dunkin' Ad?

While the commercial itself only runs for a minute, filming for Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial with Ben Affleck took place during January. Of course, some footage ended up in the virtual "cutting room floor" — which the chain must have felt was too good not to be shown. In the newly released blooper reel, at a loss as what to say on several occasions, Affleck can be heard saying things like "you can have a ... whatever you want for free," and "I can't make it function! Malfunction!" as he frantically presses the computer console in front of him. He also informs one customer that Dunkin' is "out of coffee and out of donuts" and that he can only offer water and spills an order in someone's car. 

The reception to the Affleck x Dunkin' collaboration went over well on social media. One person on Twitter said the ad had, "a perfect celebrity touch that made sense and was timely." While the original ad is a lot of fun, these bloopers take it one step further, making the actor — who many have viewed as "grumpy" lately, especially during the Grammys – seem much more human.