Heinz Is Debuting 3 Unique Mayo Combination Flavors In UK Supermarkets

Sometimes you want the traditional, creamy taste of straight-up mayonnaise, and sometimes you want a little something more. If the aioli craze of the past few years has taught us anything, it's that. After all, while technically made with olive oil instead of mayonnaise's vegetable oil, aioli is often in reality nothing more than garlicky mayo. While flavored mayo might seem a little curious, how many times have you come across something like chipotle aioli on a menu?

Flavor-seekers might welcome flavored aiolis as wild as black olive, rosemary, or even cilantro lime. But as a Mashed survey we conducted about various types of flavored mayo showed us, when the label says "mayonnaise," Americans' favorite flavor is still good old plain. But the idea of making the classic condiment taste different isn't so crazy across the pond, where Heinz has launched a new line of three varieties of flavored mayo, according to The Manc. We've got the scoop (or the dip, if you will) on these new flavored spreads.

The people have spoken, and they want more mayos

Heinz's new mayo varieties aren't just flavored. They're actually a blend of two sauces, which Heinz is calling Mayo Mashupz (per The Manc). Upwards of 81,000 UK residents voted for which mayo combos they wanted to see on store shelves. Ultimately, the good people of Great Britain landed on MayoRacha, MayoMust, and MayoCue. For those not in the know, that's mayo mixed with Sriracha, mustard, and barbecue sauce, respectively. Heinz does, after all, produce a mustard we rank as one of the best. The launch comes not long after Heinz's UK launch of its ketchup-mayo hybrid Saucy Sauce.

The launch was also put forth on the strength of research Heinz did, which found that 51% of Brits were already blending their own sauces and that two-thirds of Brits keep at least two bottles of sauce on the dining table during meals, ready to mix at a moment's notice (per Nottingham Post). MayoMust and MayoRacha are already available in the U.S. The UK product will be joining an impressive line of flavored mayos that already includes truffle mayonnaise and lemon and black pepper mayonnaise. As an Instagram post from Heinz UK shows, the new products seem to be receiving glowing feedback on social media thus far.