17 Popular Mustards, Ranked Worst To Best

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People all over the world love to pair condiments with food because they provide an extra touch that can turn a boring meal into a tasty and more appealing one. There are condiments for all different kinds of tastes, but mustard is one for those who prefer a tangy zip. And it's not just useful for slathering on a hamburger bun or zig-zagging across a hot dog — mustard is extremely versatile and is ideal in dressings and vinaigrettes, glazes, and to add depth to dishes such as deviled eggs and creamy potato salad.

The main ingredient is grounded seeds from the mustard plant, which come in brown, white, and yellow, giving each type its distinct appearance. They are then processed with vinegar (in yellow) or verjuice (in Dijon), to name just two methods. Honey mustard is another popular form, but it can be packed with sugar, which means higher calories and less of a bite.

While mustard doesn't get all the love that ketchup and mayonnaise do, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of delicious options to choose from so that everyone is sure to find a taste that they like.

17. Daily Chef Organic Yellow Mustard

Daily Chef is a brand that is a part of Member's Mark, which is owned by Sam's Club. While the warehouse club store is well known for several delectable treats from their own brands, this organic yellow mustard falls flat.

There are no strange ingredients used; all are within the scope of a regular yellow mustard recipe such as spices like paprika and turmeric. However, reviewer Wizhat2 gave it a one-star rating. They claim to have tried various mustards before, including generic, and have concluded that this one has an "odd flavor."

But Sam's Club itself isn't a write-off when it comes to purchasing large quantities of mustard. Consumers can purchase other name brands in large two-pack bottles, a jug that weighs over 6 pounds, and a 500-count box of individual packets. Even if you have room left over in one of their oversized shopping carts, this mustard can be left on one of the seemingly endless store shelves.

16. Trader Joe's Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard came to be in France in the 18th century and has been a delicacy in the country ever since. Named for the town of Dijon, this mustard has a distinct flavor profile from the standard American yellow mustard. Dijon uses both black and brown mustard seeds, but the most significant difference is that it doesn't traditionally use vinegar. Instead, Dijon is made with verjuice, the liquid of unripened grapes, which gives it a smooth flavor, velvety texture, and thickened consistency. White wine is a popular substitute for verjuice, while some recipes use a mix of vinegar and spices.

Trader Joe's has their own version of Dijon mustard, but unfortunately it's not that much to be desired. The primary complaint is that it's much too strong. A reviewer named Carol on Traderjoesreviews.com complains that it's "like eating wasabi straight up," a sentiment echoed by others on the site. Another reviewer claims that it gave them "stomach problems after eating it just once." 

15. Market Pantry Spicy Brown Mustard

Spicy brown mustard gets its bite by soaking the mustard seeds in less vinegar during the preparation process. This means that the mustard seeds (brown and black, normally) are truer to their original taste. A variety of spices, such as cinnamon or nutmeg, can be used for a more robust flavor, but that doesn't seem to be the case for the Target-brand Market Pantry spicy brown mustard which falls short in the taste department.

The mustard is labeled as "zesty deli style," which is another way to indicate the rich spiciness. None of the standard ingredients stand out that would lead one to believe this has an off taste, though one addition is simply labelled as "spices" which is obviously quite vague. Onion powder is another ingredient that might raise an eyebrow, but it still doesn't pinpoint whatever the exact problem is. According to a reviewer on Target's website, the "flavor is too harsh" and it tasted more like horseradish. Another notes that it's "nothing special." Have no fear, there are other spicy brown varieties on this list that stay true to the traditional zing.

14. Annie's Organic Yellow Mustard

Annie's is a brand that is well-appreciated for their commitment to nurturing a healthy planet and healthy diets with their line of organic food products, which include vegan and gluten-free options. You may have noticed their macaroni and cheese, snacks, and baking items on your local grocery store shelves, but did you know that they produce dressings and condiments too? Annie's currently offers four varieties of mustard, including a classic yellow.

They claim that their product is free from artificial flavorings and colors, and they strictly use all organic ingredients. So far, so good. While there are plenty of favorable consumer reviews for the mustard, it also has some detractors. KarinaGof on iHerb.com writes that it tastes sour, and several others agree on the weird taste. Another iHerb customer claims that it might just be "tinted mayonnaise without taste." For this organic yellow mustard, it's best not to let the positive reviews sway you until you try it for yourself.

13. Burman's Spicy Brown Mustard

Aldi is a unique grocery store that began in Germany and has since spread worldwide. It first came here in 1976  and now has a dedicated Stateside following. Fans appreciate the chain's low prices for staple foods like meats, breads, and frozen items. You won't normally find too many name-brand products on their shelves, as Aldi's inventory is stocked with over 90% of their own private brands such as Burman's which specializes in condiments.

Their spicy brown mustard currently costs only $0.99, according to Instacart. It's made with the usual distilled vinegar, mustard seeds, and spices found in any regular mustard, so what could be so wrong? Actually, not much. As far as discount mustards go, Aldi's Burman's brand isn't too bad. Fooducate gives it an "A" rating, but watch out for 80 milligrams of sodium, which is slightly higher per serving (one teaspoon) compared to other brands. For that reason, we placed this in the middle of our list.  

12. Colman's Mustard

Colman's of Norwich has been around since 1814 and their famous English Mustard was dubbed "The Queen's Mustard" by Queen Victoria. The company attests that their product is notable for their use of a special blend of white and brown mustard seeds that creates a unique, fiery zing to practically any dish, from sandwiches to Sunday roast, and even sushi. They encourage consumers to try this special punch of flavor in their own recipes.

The classic mustard is sold in both dry powder and prepared forms. The powder can be used as-is to create dressings, marinades, and more, so you don't have to prepare it on your own. Brian E. on Amazon heeds a positive warning that you only need to use a little bit, as this English mustard packs on the heat. Tigerlillian writes that this should be a "staple in your kitchen" for fans of wasabi and horseradish. They also recommend using it to dip French fries in. For those who prefer their mustard to bite back, in a good way, Colman's is worth a try.

11. Bertman Original Ball Park Mustard

When you think about baseball, you probably imagine a stifling hot summer day spent at a packed stadium, rooting for your favorite team. Perhaps you indulge in an ice cream cone to cool off, or dig into popular ballpark fare, like hot dogs. That's where a quality mustard is needed and Bertman Original Ball Park Mustard has you, or rather, your hot dog covered.

Since 1925, Bertman has manufactured their brown mustard out of Cleveland, Ohio and it has become not just a staple there, but at arenas and stadiums across the United States. In a head-to-head taste test with the other most famous ball park mustard, Stadium Mustard, Bertman's Original just narrowly takes top billing.

Whether you're into baseball or not, this official mustard of the Cleveland Guardians is sure to please. It is so good that Amazon reviewer Jay. L. claims they threw their yellow mustard in the garbage after having Bertman's. Another consumer review, by Long John Sliver, suggests that this mustard is great on both grilled meats and cold cuts.

10. Boar's Head Delicatessen Style Mustard

Boar's Head is a distinguished brand that specializes in all things delicatessen, from hams and turkey, to bologna and hot dogs, and all of the condiments that can be paired with their meats. Their Delicatessen Style Mustard shines because of a distinctive combination of white wine and horseradish. Like most prepared mustards, it is perfectly suited for use on a sandwich or with a beef dish, if you'd like to take the heat up a notch. A single serving teaspoon only has 40 milligrams of sodium, with no calories or added sugars. When it comes to mustard, Boar's Head keeps things straight-forward while still being tasty.

Cathy N. on Amazon writes that this is their favorite mustard and goes as far as calling it "gourmet." Currently, a 9.5 ounce bottle will set you back about five dollars at a typical chain supermarket like Safeway. It may be one of the pricier mass-produced mustards on supermarket shelves, but this mustard offers just the right amount of tangy flavor that makes the price well worth it.

9. Great Value Yellow Mustard

Great Value is the Walmart generic brand name. They have pretty much every kind of product you can think of, including home goods, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and groceries. Their foods are hit-or-miss, meaning that sometimes one of their generic products is tasty but other times it might be better to spend a little extra for the name brand and the quality that comes with it. That being said, one Great Value food product you should consider trying is their yellow mustard.

Yes, seriously! According to Walmart's website, there's nothing abnormal within the ingredients — mustard seed, vinegar, water, and some spices. There are zero calories and 60 milligrams of sodium per teaspoon, which is standard when it comes to the tangy condiment. Plus, a 20-ounce bottle will set you back a mere dollar. Now that's a deal!

Reviewer Marbelva claims that Great Value yellow mustard is "as good as French's." Over on Influenster, the reviews are also positive with Teresa G. suggesting it has the "same taste as name brands." All in all, don't devalue Great Value, at least when it comes to mustard.

8. Original Mister Mustard

Woeber's Mustard Company was started by Carl Woeber, an immigrant to America from Germany, who founded his business in 1905. While Woeber's offers several different types of mustards, the ones that fall under the "Mister Mustard” label are highly regarded for the heat they packs from the use of stone ground brown and yellow mustard seeds. Along with the Original Mister Mustard, there is also a sweet hot version and one made with honey, if you prefer a sweeter mustard.

The original flavor will set you back 5 calories and 80 milligrams of sodium per teaspoon, but the tangy and hot flavors are more than worth it. One review mentions that the mustard goes great with seafood, eggs, salads, and even cheesy, melted sandwiches. Another reviewer praises the mustard for its sinus-clearing abilities. They also confirm the taste is "incredible." With so many outstanding reviews and a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Amazon, Mister Mustard is one of the top mustards to try right away.

7. Plochman's Kosciusko Spicy Brown Mustard

Self-described as "creamy and zesty," Plochman's Kosciusko spicy brown mustard is a classic and refined take on an age-old, simple condiment. It is an award winning mustard from a company that's been in business for more than 150 years in the United States. The brand Kosciusko joined Plochman's in the 1980s and brought their spicy brown mustard with them, bottling it in their iconic barrel-shaped container. Since then, they've introduced dozens of mustard blends, including Carolina BBQ, Champagne, Bourbon, and even Balsamic. They even have new mustard mixers in various flavors like Roasted Garlic and Sweet Thai Chili.

While a 9-ounce bottle will set you back $6.99 on Amazon, reviewers hint that it's well worth it. Consumer T. Baker recommends that this mustard is the closest thing to an "East Coast deli" taste and has a nicely smooth texture that is "not gritty." Gary -Florida compares it favorably to spicy brown mustards from Germany, and notes that it "enhances the flavor of anything it's put on."

6. Inglehoffer Original Stone Ground Mustard

Inglehoffer is another great option to get that authentic, old-world style mustard tang. This brand comes from Beaverton Foods, Inc., a company that's been around for more than 90 years. Since then, they've produced a massive inventory of different mustards, both under their name and the Inglehoffer label. Apart from a complete classic lineup, they have unique and enticing flavors, such as cranberry, applewood bacon, curry, dill, wasabi horseradish, and even ghost pepper if you're willing to be super adventurous.

Their Original Stone Ground Mustard is the perfect place to begin your journey of Inglehoffer flavors. This one features whole mustard seeds inside the blend, as well as ground ones for a full-bodied taste. Reviews on Amazon are near perfect with a current 4.8 out of 5-star rating. Paula Johnson recommends using this mustard for anything from bratwurst to beef stew. C. Bayne agrees that it's "versatile" and should be used in a variety of dishes to ramp up the flavor without sacrificing calories.

5. Sir Kensington's Spicy Brown Mustard

Sir Kensington's is a company you can trust. They are a Certified B Corporation, which recognizes high performance standards in regards to societal impact, environmental sustainability, communicative transparency, and legal responsibility. Their business goal is to have a positive effect on the globe while providing quality, gourmet products to their customers. Those items include an extensive lineup of condiments include customer favorites such as mayonnaise, ketchup, dressings, sauces, and of course mustard.

Their award-winning mustard comes in several varieties, but it's their coarse, spicy brown that shines. Using top grade mustard seeds and a touch of Vermont maple syrup to balance out the tangy bite, this spicy brown is unlike any other. It's also vegan. You'll have to give up 10 calories per teaspoon, but why wouldn't you? One Amazon reviewer, who calls themselves states it perfectly: You will feel like a royal eating this mustard. Another reviewer, May, writes the only con is that they don't have a Sir Kensington's mustard factory in their backyard.

4. Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard

For a sophisticated and flavorful mustard, Grey Poupon Dijon is the way to go. Having been available in most grocery stores for the better part of 40 years, this Dijon is crafted with quality mustard seeds and is infused with a prime white wine. (Did you know that Grey Poupon currently manufactures their own white wine? And yes, it does include a fusion of their famous mustard seeds.) It is a top notch option to enhance most dishes, from lunchtime sandwiches to roasted pork or beef. The attractive, butter-yellow color is subtle yet eye-catching from inside the iconic glass jar topped with a blue, white, and red striped lid, an nod to the flag of France. 

As far as Dijon mustards go, Grey Poupon outshines any competition. Amazon reviewer, JMom, swears by the glass jar packaging to preserve the fresh taste. The Baroque Girl writes that they use this Dijon on an array of dishes, from chicken to fish and vegetables. They also recommend it for "any cooking or spreading needs."

3. Heinz 100% Natural Yellow Mustard

Heinz is a beloved homegrown condiment company that dates back to 1869. Most famous for their tomato ketchup, they've grown into a world-leader in condiments ranging from pickles, mayonnaise, gravy, vinegar, and most recently a line of unique mixed sauces. When it comes to basic mustard, Heinz 100% natural yellow mustard is one of the very best. It's a classic! Made with all natural ingredients, the strikingly bright yellow condiment provides a burst of zesty zing to your favorite meats, sandwiches, and sauces. And the best part? Zero calories, zero sugar, and zero sodium.

Influenster reviews are overwhelmingly positive with a near perfect rating based on over 900 reviews. It's also listed as their second choice of mustards overall. Consumer Maika R. writes that this mustard matches the high quality that one would expect from Heinz food products. Melissa C. claims that "you can not go wrong" with Heinz's yellow mustard, especially for the affordable price.

2. Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard

For the very best in spicy brown mustard zest, Gulden's is the one to choose. Produced with organic vinegar,  #1 grade mustard seeds, and an aromatic array of spices, Gulden's Spicy Brown mustard is difficult to beat. Not only does it use fine, organic ingredients, it also contains less sodium than many of its competitors (just 50 milligrams per teaspoon).

While Influenster ranks it seventh on their mustard list, consumers over there give it a strong 4.8 out of 5-star rating. For reviewer Laura K., it's the "only mustard" they buy. Maria V. suggests using it in vegetable soup to "kick up the flavor," as well as adding some to egg dishes and squeezed on top of hot dogs. Various other reviews state that Gulden's isn't too spicy, which can make it appealing to most taste buds, and thus ranks it as one of the leading mustards that is currently available.

1. French's Classic Yellow Mustard

Mustard in its natural form is derived from the mustard seed, which can be beneficial for your health. However, in processed condiment form, it's French's Classic Yellow that is the most beneficial on burgers and hot dogs. And classic it is, ever since French's debuted at the 1904 World's Fair. It quickly became an American favorite, whether you were at a baseball game or a local backyard barbecue. Although they provide a plethora of condiments and other food products including Crispy Fried Onions and chili seasonings, the name French's has become synonymous with yellow mustard.

It holds a steady 4.9 out of 5-rating with 97% of reviewers recommending the bright yellow product, via McCormick's website. Influenster ranks it as their top mustard (with over 7,000 consumer reviews) and rightfully so. Ginger L. suggests adding it to chicken and egg salads, and praises the top quality for the value. Erin H. calls it the "best yellow mustard out there" and contends that it's the only one to buy, claiming that it tastes better than store-branded varieties. They also rave that the consistency is just right and the squeeze bottle provides the perfect portion, along with the ideal tang, of course. French's mustard just can't be beat.