Cooking With Lynja Cannot Get On The Butter Board Trend Train - Exclusive

Ah, social media food trends. Somehow, we can't keep up with them, yet we still want to try out every single one — like the hyped-up butter board that was arguably set to replace the original charcuterie board. (The concept is so simple yet so ingenious that we're upset we didn't think of it first!) While there are plenty of tips out there for making the perfect butter board, if you're so interested, there is one recognizable TikTok star who isn't necessarily a fan of the idea.

In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Cooking with Lynja (aka Lynn Yamada Davis) revealed that the social media food trend — which is basically just a plate of butter with side bread as a dipping agent — happened to be her least favorite. "The butter has been dressed up. It seems so specific; I don't know," the social media star told us.

We can't speak for Davis' 15 million TikTok followers, but we are still undecided on the whole butter board concept, even if it has the major perk of being totally Pinterest-worthy. The food trend first started in the Fall of 2022 when one TikToker posted the butter board and it went viral shortly afterward. The wooden cutting board is slathered with two sticks of butter, then topped with flaky sea salt, edible flowers, lemon zest, red onions, various herbs, and a drizzle of honey — or, really, any toppings you choose. But while Davis isn't a fan of butter boards as a standalone snack, she's not totally opposed to the idea itself.

Make the butter board part of a charcuterie board

"I can definitely see part of a butter board on a charcuterie board or an appetizer board, but just a butter board seems too much for me," Lynn Yamanda Davis told Mashed. It seems other appetizer lovers may be thinking along the same lines — there have been many variations of the butter board since its first social media appearance, like a cream cheese, avocado, or hummus board. We've even spotted a PB&J board, but at that point, you might as well make enjoyable finger sandwiches.

However, another positive of reaching for butter instead of an assortment of cheeses and meats is the price. It's much less expensive to grab a carton of butter than it is to purchase a high-end wheel of brie, especially in these inflationary times. Still, you probably won't see Davis making a butter board on her TikTok anytime soon. She's set to attend the South Beach Wine & Food Festival later this month, which will undoubtedly provide plenty of opportunities for fun videos — and maybe even a new food trend — in the future.

You can learn more about the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, which commences on February 23, on its website. Make sure to keep up with Cooking with Lynja on her TikTok page.