TikTok Lip-Reads Tense Drink-Tasting Moment Between Ben Affleck And J. Lo

What's even better than juicy gossip based on the things your favorite celebrities have been saying? Juicy gossip about what everyone thinks they've been saying. Ever since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck made it official by marrying in July of 2022, the power couple has been in the spotlight. And it looks like they'll be staying there for a while.

The most recent flurry of excited commentary was precipitated by Bennifer's interactions at the premiere of Shotgun Wedding, and features a couple of beverages at the center of the storm. Lopez stars in the film, and the duo attended and dutifully smiled for numerous cameras, which even captured a sweet kiss that Affleck planted on J. Lo's cheek.

Video footage from the party shows the couple drinking beverages, which they put down at a certain point and then pick back up. What looks like a tense interaction ensues, where Lopez picks up one of the glasses, and sips what appears to be some rosé wine, while a none-too-happy Affleck shakes his head and appears to remonstrate with his better half. 

Speculators and lip-readers across the internet have rushed to interpret the exchange.

Checking the backstories and body language

Some have suggested (like Tik Toker Nina Celested) that Ben Affleck is worried about Jen Lopez's drinking. But the more popular interpretation, which has thousands of YouTube views (supported by the likes of Popculturewithballs), is that Lopez watches her new hubby like a hawk, and that she is testing Affleck's drink to make sure it's alcohol-free. 

Jovitameetsworld tried to take things down a notch or two by providing videos showing that the drink in J. Lo's hand was hers from the get-go, and so it doesn't make sense to think she was testing Affleck's drink. What really went on? Bennifer's faithful followers know that Lopez doesn't drink alcohol and Affleck has a history of alcohol misuse and has been in rehab more than once. 

It's possible that Lopez was having an exceptional glass of wine as part of her celebrations and Affleck was frustrated that she wasn't showing solidarity with his sobriety by forgoing alcohol. Or maybe he was simply insisting that he hadn't been drinking and wasn't going to. Or maybe they were discussing something entirely unrelated. We may never know.

But the interest and scrutiny that this minor interaction has received suggest that people are picking up on some negative body language between the couple. Between the Super Bowl, the Grammys, and premiers, the couple has had a lot on their plates. Let's hope they figure things out and that the next time we see them, they look as happy as they do in their Dunkin' ad.