Costco's Kirkland Signature Cold Brew Recall, Explained

If you regularly drink coffee in the morning or for an afternoon pick-me-up, you might think about buying coffee grounds in bulk to save money. Although you can pick up coffee during your next grocery store trip, you may skip the large pack of coffee grounds at Costco, because the coffee will taste better when it's ground up in smaller batches. For those who opt for cans of Kirkland Signature Cold Brew, the freshness isn't an issue, and you can leave it sitting in your pantry for a while.

But, if you have any of Costco's cold brew at home now, you'll want to check the dates on the box because it has recently been recalled. On Costco's website, customers can find a list of items that have been recalled, and as of February 17, 2023, Berner Food & Beverage released a statement recalling Kirkland Signature Cold Brew, or item #4165758. Here's why Berner Food & Beverage and the Food and Drug Administration made the decision.

Kirkland Signature Cold Brew is being recalled because of potential foreign materials in the cans

According to the statement to Costco members, the company's cold brew has been recalled because of a "potential risk of foreign material contamination (a bolt being in a can)." Berner Food & Beverage estimates that there are, "potentially 3 impacted cans out of approximately 3.4M cans produced," so while the risk that you have a bolt in your can isn't particularly high, returning the cold brew will lead to a full refund, and it's the safest option.

Thankfully, the notice explains that no injuries have been caused by any potential bolts in the cans, but if you have any cold brews still sitting around, it's best to bring them back to the store. Only some cold brew cans are impacted by the recall, so check the "best if used by" date on the box or the cans of cold brew. Dates from October 19, 2023, to October 27, 2023, should be returned to your local Costco for a refund.

Plus, while you're checking the dates on your store-bought coffee, take a peek at your Starbucks products because the coffee chain's bottled Vanilla Frappuccino is also being recalled. In the meantime, make this easy cold brew coffee at home, and add syrups for some extra flavor and sweetness.