Alex Guarnaschelli Just Might Have Spotted The Creepiest Looking Food On The Internet

Alex Guarnaschelli is a typical chef of the Food Network era in that she's up on all of the latest culinary trends. Guarnaschelli told Mashed that she makes pesto with arugula. She also tops her burgers with caramelized onions, is really into sous vide cooking, and is even on board with cauliflower as a rice substitute. Although she admits that her favorite cookbook is one that was published in the 1980s, apparently she doesn't go back much further than that for cooking inspiration. After all, Guarnaschelli was put off by a '70s concoction made of bran and cottage cheese and seemed equally appalled by a retro sandwich recipe that a number of Twitter users agreed was the kind of disgusting creation that only our grandparents could stomach.

The vintage sandwich in question was posted to Twitter by YouTuber Jerry James Stone, who proposed that he and actress Julie Brown prepare and then eat the creation. Guarnaschelli obviously didn't endorse the idea, as she commented, "This is creepy looking." Upon researching the recipe itself, however, it might not be nearly as bad as Guarnaschelli and her fellow Twitter users are assuming.

The party sandwich could actually be quite tasty

One Twitter user calls the party sandwich a "hot mess," while others resort to icky-face emojis to express their opinions. Julie Brown, however, responded with an enthusiastic "OMG YES!!" While Stone's tweet didn't include the ingredients, a little digging unearthed the original recipe. This luncheon entrée certainly isn't something that today's hipster bistros would be likely to add to their menus, and yet there's really nothing too horrifying about it.

A round loaf of bread forms the base of this super-sized sandwich. It's cut into four thick slices and the layers are then sandwiched together with three different fillings. The first of these is a ham salad made with mayonnaise and celery, the second an egg salad flavored with curry powder and topped with sliced tomatoes, and the third is made from mashed avocados mixed with french dressing. The sandwich is then covered with a thin layer of cream cheese thinned out with a small amount of cream and, as a final touch, is decorated with parsley and sliced green olives. While this dish may be a bit labor-intensive to add to our regular repertoire, it seems as if it would be perfectly palatable despite looking creepy to Alex Guarnaschelli and others.