KitKat Teases A New Chocolate-Flavored Breakfast Cereal On Twitter

It can be an exciting moment when two of your favorites team up, and if you're a KitKat connoisseur, you're in for a treat. The cereal world has been expanding for years to include popular tastes from your childhood – take the Cosmic Brownie cereal from 2021, for example. Just like the famous Little Debbie, the brownie-based cereal was topped with candy-coated pieces of chocolate. In June 2019, the realms of Sour Patch Kids and cereal were combined into a special breakfast offering at many retailers across the country. At the time, there were some concerns regarding a sour variety of cereal. "Uhmm I like sour patch kids but not as a cereal," one Twitter user wrote.

The upcoming cereal isn't the only thing KitKat is up to. The company officially rolled out a vegan KitKat variety of its candy to several countries across the globe. Dubbed KitKat V, the plant-based candy debuted in 2021 but wasn't available in the United States; while the treat is made by Nestlé across the globe, it's made by Hershey's in the U.S. so not all items are produced in both markets. Now, another breakfast-inspired product is coming to stores across the pond.

The announcement was made on National Cereal Day

On Monday, March 6, Nestlé KitKat informed Twitter that a new product was on its way. "There's a whole new type of KitKat® coming, can you guess what it is?" the tweet read. Commenters weren't able to nail it down, with some guessing collaborations with other candies and one user predicting an Easter release. The next day, the candy company announced what the future product would be. "Breaking news! KitKat Cereal is coming soon to a breakfast near you! Who's excited to try?"

The timing was also strategic: National Cereal Day is celebrated yearly on March 7, making it the perfect time for this special reveal. Although the cereal is new, sugar morning treats have inspired versions of the candy before. Hershey's, which produces the candy bar in the U.S., once released a limited-edition flavor that incorporated pieces of fruity cereal. It's no longer available, but cereal lovers can rest assured because the new breakfast item will be available in the U.K. starting in mid-April per a press release.