Oreo Is Releasing A Thief-Proof Ice Cream Freezer For $10

At Mashed, we believe in giving our fellow ice cream lovers the benefit of the doubt. Have faith that others will respect what is yours and what is theirs. The folks at Oreo, however, have heard it all before: "So-and-so would never take my Oreo ice cream treat." Until it happens. After all, who can resist Oreos swimming in ice cream? The company, hoping to help preserve family relationships, foster lifelong friendships, and maintain a happy office environment, has a suggestion for keeping your frozen treats safe: Oreo & Chill, then lock it up.

Oreo's protect-and-display freezer is designed to protect its new ice cream products, released last year. Goodies include the company's ice cream tubs, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate covered bars, and ice cream cones, and of course, Oreos themselves — if you like them cold. All of these new freezable treats come on the heels of Oreo's newest cookie flavor, the limited edition Most OREO OREO cookies-and-cream flavor.

So how can you snag the sweet freezer for yourself? Oreo is holding a giveaway the same week that the famous cookie celebrates its 111th birthday.

Get ready to Oreo and chill

Mondelez International, which owns Oreo, will give away 45 Oreo & Chill freezers starting Friday, March 10. The commercial grade freezer has a glass front that allows you to show off your frozen treats, measuring 22.5" x 20.875" x 20.875" (or 1.9 cubic feet) — so start making space in your dorm room, kitchen, or office. Only 45 lucky fans will be able to claim the free freezer by paying $9.99 for shipping and handling.

"A customized Oreo freezer that comes with a lock to keep out the Gremlins," one Instagram user posted on his page. Another person noted, "They're gonna sell out in like 0.02 seconds like the Ritz Oreos," referring to last year's summer fling between Ritz crackers and Oreo. That promotion saw the two popular snack brands make their own sweet and salty combo — half Oreo and cream and half Ritz and peanut butter. Mondelez offered 1,000 free packs and the internet went crazy. Fans also only paid shipping, and the product sold out in a few hours.

With only 45 freezers available, you'll want to make sure you're quick to secure one at 10 a.m. on March 10 at Oreo.com/freezer. Good luck!