Mistakes Everyone Makes When Ordering Food From Subway

Think you already know all there is to discover about placing an order at Subway? If so, you're in for a real treat.

Subway is a famous fast-food chain known for doling out tasty subs with loads of toppings on a soft bun. While the process for building a Subway sandwich may seem relatively straightforward, we're happy to report that there are several sneaky hacks out there that even avid Subway fanatics aren't privy to.

Interested? So were we! That's why we've scoured the internet to provide you with the most common Subway ordering mistakes people make and how to fix them. From forgoing certain toppings to missing out on big-time savings, there's plenty to uncover when it comes to the wonderful world of sub-ordering. Ready to upgrade your Subway game? Join us as we dive into the juicy details surrounding how you can level up your next visit to a Subway store.

Not asking for your cookies to be microwaved

We all know that cookies fresh out of the oven are warm, delicious, and oh-so-satisfying. But what about at room temperature? While still delish, cooled cookies don't quite pack the same "oomph" that fresh-baked cookies do.

So, how does this relate to Subway? While the popular sub shop offers a multitude of flavorful cookie varieties like chocolate chip, raspberry cheesecake, and white chip macadamia nut, sadly, these cookies sold at Subway aren't served warm. And while we don't necessarily expect a fast food chain like Subway to offer up cookies hot out of the oven, we are pleased to inform you that you still can ask for your cookies to be warmed up.

That's right. If you ask nicely, you may be able to get your local sub artist to stick your favorite Subway cookie in the microwave for 5-10 seconds to get them hot and melty. Not wanting to burden Subway employees with extra steps? That's kind of you. Try nuking your Subway cookie at home instead. Reddit users insist this delectable way of enjoying Subway cookies is one you won't soon forget.

Allowing the mayo to be added to the sandwich last

We've all seen a Subway employee squirt a giant uneven glob of mayo down the center of a sandwich. And though this method of applying one of America's favorite condiments to a sub may be acceptable to some, we've got an even better ordering trick that may assist you in enjoying your mayo-smeared Subway sandwich that much more.

When placing an order at Subway, ask your sandwich artist to add your mayonnaise to the bread first. Then ask them to use a knife to spread the mayo evenly back and forth over the bun before adding other toppings. By putting the mayo on the bread first, you're ensuring that the condiment covers the sandwich evenly. This can make the sandwich neater to eat and also improves the sandwich's overall flavor.

Of course, you can apply this hack to virtually any condiment you wish. Just know that some condiments, especially oil-based ones, may seep into the bread and, thus, may not pack the same flavorful punch they would otherwise.

Forgetting to add peppers and onions before toasting

Not everyone likes to have their subs toasted at Subway, and that's totally okay. But if you're anything like us and love eating toasted Subway sammies in all their glory, then you'll adore this hack for making your toasted sandwiches taste that much better.

According to a user on Reddit, you can ask your sub artist to load up your sandwich with onions and peppers before toasting it. The Subway employee will then layer your meats and cheeses atop the bread of your choice before throwing your onions and peppers on to toast. After toasting, you'll notice that your peppers and onions are softer, sweeter, and have lost most of their crunch.

Of course, if you like crunchy veggies, then by all means, you do you! But if you'd prefer the slightly milder and less crunchy version of onions and peppers, then we'd recommend you give this ordering hack a shot. Just bear in mind that not all veggies are fit for toasting. In fact, this might lend itself to messy and undesirable results, depending on which veggies you toast. Spinach and lettuce, for example, aren't great candidates. It's best to stick to heartier veggies, like onions, green peppers, banana peppers, or tomatoes when toasting up your favorite Subway sandwich.

Failing to ask that the oil and cheese be added first

According to a former Subway employee on Reddit, asking for oil and cheese to be added to your bread first can be an awesome hack for making toasted bread softer. As the oil is applied to the bread, it soaks in, making the bread satisfyingly chewy. Adding cheese on top of this makes for a gooey and melty texture that yields the perfect base for meats and veggies.

Aside from plain oil, you may also be able to request to add oil-based dressings to your sub before toasting. However, know that if you choose this method, the flavor of the dressing may get lost as it absorbs into the bread. If you like a stronger flavor, you may be better off having your oil-based dressings doused over veggies and meat as they normally come.

Finally, bear in mind that this ordering hack is mainly intended for subs that are toasted. While adding oil and cheese to an untoasted bun may still improve its texture, it won't do much for it in the chewy, melty, and gooey departments.

Forgetting that there is a method to the madness

Tired of confusion and mistakes when ordering a sandwich from Subway? There's a way to order your Subway sandwich that makes things easier for both you and the employee. The secret is knowing that there is a method to the madness when making your Subway sandwich.

Though the sandwich-making process may seem random to the untrained eye, the truth is that your sub artist makes your sammie in a particular order. By asking for items out of order, you may confuse the employee. 

So what's the solution? Try your best to order your sandwich in the order in which it is made. Of course a few tweaks to your sandwich here and there shouldn't be a problem, but doing too many customizations out of order can lead to disaster. You can count on a Subway employee to ask which bread you want first before proceeding with meats, cheeses, and toasting. Afterward, the sub artist will toss your veggies on top, along with a healthy dose of whatever condiments you choose. From there, you can choose to have salt, pepper, and other spices added, and can also opt to have your sub cut or paper-wrapped a particular way.

Being modest with the veggies

Although Subway has gotten a bit of flack for not exactly being as "fresh" as they claim, they do, in fact, offer plenty of healthy vegetables to choose from. What's even better is that most of the vegetables you add to your sandwich are totally free. Still, according to a few Reddit users, there may be limits to what veggies you can load up on, depending on the location you visit. Subway has confirmed on Facebook that this occasional up-charge can vary based on location.

So, why is adding lots of healthy vegetables to a Subway sandwich an awesome hack? Apart from being free, these veggies will work to make you feel more full. Though many people believe that stacking heaps of meat and cheese on a sub helps bulk it out, the truth is that vegetables can do the same and then some.

The fiber in vegetables can do wonders for staving your appetite and, as a result, may help you shed pounds. This is why it is a great idea to take full advantage of the rainbow of assorted toppings you can get on your Subway grub. Choose from leafy green spinach, crunchy onion, snappy green peppers, slender carrots, and more. All of these not only add fiber and vitamins to your diet, but can also lend out-of-this-world flavor to an already incredible sandwich!

Forgetting that Subway sells other items besides subs

It can be easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of offerings at Subway, but remember that this popular food chain also sells items other than subs. While different locations vary, most Subway sites offer at least one or two alternatives to your typical stuffed sandwich.

So what exactly are your other choices? Many Subway locations allow you to convert any sandwich into a tasty wrap. Some even offer piping-hot Subway pizzas. Most location sites also sell chips, coffee, sodas, cookies, "No Bready Bowls," salads, and melts. Take your pick from any of these options and know that offerings like the bowls, wraps, salads, and pizzas are customizable, which means you'll have as much liberty with meat and toppings as you would a sub. This sort of customizable ordering can be particularly helpful when you're on a specific diet or catering to picky tastebuds.

You aren't asking for fresh bread

We've seen people all over wise up to this one, and trust us, it doesn't disappoint. According to insiders on Reddit, Subway workers are very privy to which bread is freshest. By asking for the "freshest" bread, the Subway worker will easily locate the best bread they have and serve up your favorite meats, cheeses, and veggies on top of it!

According to other Reddit users, you can also score fresher bread by visiting Subway closer to noon. Subway policy ensures that bread for the night before is either used or discarded by 10 a.m. the same morning. The rest of the bread is baked fresh for the day. This means that if you're dining in for lunch, you can expect to munch on some pretty darn delicious fresh bread. Take this a step further by switching up your phrasing and asking for the "softest" bread. Though some Subway employees may give you an eye roll for this one, they often will do it for you, even if begrudgingly. The result will be all your favorite sub fillings layered atop pillowy soft sub bun. Who could ask for more?

Not signing up for Subway perks

There are many restaurants that offer perks to repeat buyers, and we're happy to report that Subway is no different. Subway offers a variety of goods to loyal customers, but you don't get those rewards as soon as you walk in. Instead, Subway requires you to sign up for its loyalty program called "Subway MyWay Rewards." Once you've signed up, you'll need to use your smartphone to either order your Subway online or use the in-store QR code to scan in your order. For every $1 you spend, you'll earn 4 tokens. Once you've earned 200 tokens, you'll be able to redeem $2 toward your next meal. It's that simple!

Another thing to note when it comes to Subway promos is that new members get 3x the tokens during their first week. This means that you'll earn 12 tokens for every $1 spent instead of 4. We'd recommend eating as much Subway as you can during your first week as a member. Apparently, doing so can really pay off.

Lastly, you've probably heard that Subway offers incredible rewards for people who complete surveys for them online. This is true. Back in the day, Subway was a little more transparent about what they were offering, but these days they only hint that you'll receive a "sub-prise" for your honest feedback. Just be sure to hang onto the physical copy of your Subway receipt before completing the survey online.

Failing to request that your footlong be sliced into smaller pieces

Looking to feed a lot of people or simply want something to nosh on throughout the day? Why not ask your sub artist to chop your sub into miniature pieces? While this may seem like a relatively basic hack, the truth is that it can really come in handy in a variety of scenarios.

If you're like most people, your life is busy. Flitting between work, school, and errands can get hectic, which is why grabbing a snack to take with you can be so helpful. What's not helpful, however, is lugging around a huge footlong sub while darting from one place to another. This is why we love having our sub artist chop larger subs into smaller, more manageable pieces. It makes it easier to handle, neater to eat, and simpler to take on the go.

Another perk of getting your sandwich cut into tiny sections at Subway is that it can be a cheaper, more convenient option for feeding little ones. As most parents know, taking multiple kiddos out to eat can get downright expensive. Nevertheless, parents on Quora have found that ordering a footlong and having it chopped into multiple 3-inch sections can help feed rowdy rascals even on a budget!

Not knowing what you want to order

Are you guilty of entering Subway only to stutter and stammer your way through an order? If so, take note. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to approaching the Subway counter.

Imagine if everyone ordering at Subway had no idea what they wanted. With so many toppings, meats, and cheeses to choose from, someone could easily take 10-15 minutes getting a single sub made. Now imagine ordering multiples. It'd take forever, right? Because of this, it is imperative that you know what you want to order before you approach the counter.

When it comes to ordering at Subway, preparation is vital. Unsure of what you want? Take a second to look over the menu before you hop in line. Alternatively, you can peruse the Subway website to get a feel for what you want prior to entering the restaurant. Write down what sounds good, including toppings and condiments (preferably in the correct order), and head to the restaurant. If you are ordering multiple subs, be sure to write down the specifics for those, too. Help the line move more quickly by showing up prepared!

Being unfamiliar with the old cut (also known as the v-cut)

Back in the day, bread at the Subway was cut differently to better hold meat, cheese, and veggies. The secret was for the sub artist to cut off the top of the bread and slice the lower half of the loaf to create a small divot or "v-cut" in the center of the sub. This "v" shape would hold the meat and toppings securely in the center of the bun for neat and happy eating.

These days, however, subs are cut in half evenly before they're topped. Reddit users and Subway fans who are old enough to remember the traditional v-cut days now balk at the idea of subs being cut the way they are currently. The issue? The insides of the sub don't hold as perfectly as they used to when the old cut was in use. The solution? Though subs are cut in half now, this old cut can still be requested, although you may have to explain to your sandwich maker exactly how it is done to get the desired result.

Assuming that you're eating healthy

As you're probably aware, Subway has undergone a lot of scrutiny pertaining to whether or not the popular sub-franchise actually dishes up real meat. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, oven-roasted chicken at Subway contains less than 60% actual chicken. This, understandably, sparked outrage amongst consumers who thought eating at Subway was a health-conscious choice. What makes matters even more shocking is that this same Canadian study revealed that fast food places like A&W, Wendy's, and McDonald's sell chicken at a percentage much closer to 100% than Subway.

Is this to say that Subway is completely unhealthy? Not exactly. How healthy your Subway meal will be will depend on a variety of factors including your own definition of "healthy." Just know that the Subway nutrition menu confirms some of their condiments — such as the barbecue and Sweet Onion Teriyaki sauce — come loaded with sugar, and that the subs themselves are considered very high-carb meals. Also, if you load your sub up with a ton of meat and hardly any veggies, you could be looking at a meal that's just as bad as, if not worse than, your typical grease-laden fast-food sandwich.

Going for white or wheat bread

Okay, okay, we get it. Ordering white or wheat bread is far safer than trying an eclectic bread you know nothing about. But seriously, choosing a different type of bread to enjoy all your favorite fillings on really does something for stepping up your sub game. Don't believe us? Try your favorite sub on the Italian herbs and cheese bread, and see if you don't notice a huge difference!

Packed with savory Italian herbs and loads of cheese, this baked white bread is considered the tastiest of Subway loaves. Still, it is important to note that Subway has more options than white, wheat, and Italian herb. Just know that bread types of flavors, like flatbread, vary greatly by location. If you're able to choose from something with a little more pizazz than your standard white or wheat, we'd definitely recommend you go for it.