A 2023 NFL Draft Player Is Deathly Afraid Of Milk Which May Be A Red Flag

If there's one thing we can't get enough of, it's the unusual food habits of famous people (except for Armie Hammer, since the cannibalism thing was beyond gross). It's fun to think of the late Queen of England daintily eating a banana with a knife and fork, although we do raise an eyebrow at Giada DeLaurentiis' penchant for dipping cookies in lemonade and we'd also pass on Tom Brady's not-too-tasty avocado ice cream.

While many elite athletes, Brady included, have been known to adopt strict diet regimens for health-related reasons, one up-and-coming sports star has food quirks that may be meant just to troll people. Will Levis, a former Kentucky Wildcat who's now a hot prospect in the NFL's upcoming draft, has shared videos of himself adding mayonnaise to his coffee and eating a banana with the peel still on, but it seems that these are more goofy stunts than they are actual food preferences. As Levis has shared with the media (via On3), "Those things were kinda just natural, organic, funny things that came up that I did." There is, however, another food rumor circulating about Levis that seems to be completely freaking out one sportswriter — according to Jacob Infante, he has sources who tell him that Levis is seriously afraid of milk. Apart from the obvious question — that being, does Levis, like Giada, dip his cookies in lemonade — it's led to some speculation about how this fear could affect his career.

Levis' alleged lactophobia may be overblown

In a recent tweet, Infante cites an unnamed source who describes Levis as screaming if he so much catches a glimpse of moo juice. This source also says that this lactophobia "impedes his daily tasks" to the point where they're "worried how he'll fit in an NFL program." A red flag, indeed — to that anonymous source and to Infante, at least. Others, however, are somewhat skeptical about these claims. Not only is Levis somewhat of a joker, but if a fear of milk was going to be a problem, wouldn't it have already affected him at the college level? Fansided even speculates that this rumor may just be an attempt to devalue the quarterback prior to the draft.

On the off chance that Levis a) really is afraid of milk and b) it actually does harm his NFL career, he can do what many other washed-up football players before him have done and go in for pro wrestling, instead. After all, the legendary Undertaker himself was so afraid of cucumbers that his manager Paul Bearer related how the Deadman once puked all over a Waffle House after finding a slice of the vegetable floating in his drink. This didn't stop Taker from spending 30 years as one of WWE's top stars, so Levis' alleged aversion for milk — or any sportswriter's hysteria over the same — needn't get in his way, either.