You Can Score A Pound Worth Of Sashimi For $20 At Costco

If you thought the $1.50 hot dog and $5 rotisserie chicken were all you needed to justify your Costco membership, we've found another reason to hit the warehouse retailer weekly — sashimi-grade fish. We may schedule a Costco run for bulk paper towels and cases of seltzer, but we delight in discovering a new item we seemingly "need" like this.

While most of Costco's 849 stores are in the U.S., Costco has at least one store in 13 countries including Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Roughly 65% of the merchandise they sell is sourced locally, making each Costco unique to its location. Just as rotisserie chickens are popular in the U.S. and Spain, customers shop for raw fish and bulgogi beef in Japan and Korea. While American sushi differs slightly from Japanese, Americans have fallen in love with delicate cubes of raw fish served over sticky sushi rice. Nigiri (sushi) is not only sold in nearly 20,000 sushi restaurants in the U.S. but can be found in grocery stores, all-you-can-eat buffets, and now Costco nationwide.

Tuna and salmon sashimi are for sale

According to a Reddit community member, Costco in Freemont, California, sells packs of sashimi-grade tuna and salmon for $20. Each package contains one pound of fish and a packet of soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi paste to complete the homemade sushi meal. Users say the fish tastes and looks as it should. But they are disappointed in the odd way the fish is cut and that both fish smell like salmon since they are packaged together.

1 Lb of Tuna and Salmon Sashimi $20, Fremont CA
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There is no guarantee that your local Costco will sell this product, but it's worth peering at the refrigerated cases selling other fresh fish. Costco members can also have 32 California rolls shipped frozen for the same price and occasionally find nigiri rolls near the prepared salads. Since the 1980s, Americans have been enjoying sushi. Reverend Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church is credited with helping introduce sushi in the United States. The country's love for the meal has continued ever since, so stop by your local Costco to see if you can find the deal.