Popular Yard House Menu Items Ranked From Worst To Best

You wanna know a sure-fire way to disappoint your appetite right from the get-go? Show up to a restaurant that has a menu with limited options. Now that's immediately going to put your belly beast in a frustrated mood. Your appetite doesn't want to glance over a measly few options that might look appealing. It wants page after page of potential choices because it's starving, and you do not want to let it down. You can definitely find a lot of places that offer a solid selection of cuisine, but not many of them hold a candle to Yard House.

Not only does Yard House offer a ton of food options, but it has over 100 draft beers on tap, so you'll have some suds to knock back with your meal. You can't go wrong with a situation like that. However, the last thing you want to do is find yourself presented with an array of options and choose one that doesn't hit your palate to perfection. Customers beware, not everything on the Yard House menu is worth exploring. So, keep this list in mind the next time you're craving a night out. Your belly beast will thank you afterward.

13. Chicken Tortilla Soup

Soup is a great palate prepper before a hearty meal. Unless you're ordering a soup that's super rich, chances are you won't ruin your appetite and still enjoy the main course with the same hungry enthusiasm. Yard House offers guests two soup options, one of them being Chicken Tortilla Soup. While the name sounds enticing, this hot bowl of broth should stay far away from your table.

The chicken and white cheddar soup is served with roasted pasilla, pico de gallo, avocado, cilantro, and tortilla strips. Texturally, the soup is great. The broth is super creamy and coats your palate nicely, and the avocados add to the creaminess. The addition of the crunchy tortilla strips is also a lovely contrast to the rich base. However, you'll have to employ the likes of Sherlock Holmes to try to track down any flavor. The soup is quite bland, and you so badly want it to have flavor because of its great texture. The biggest component of the dish (the taste) is nowhere to be found.

12. Blackened Ahi Sashimi

Any sushi enthusiast's eyes immediately hone in on the word "sashimi" on a menu, even if the spot they're dining at isn't known for Japanese food. It's so hard to resist the temptation to order it anyway and see how it fares on your palate. Yard House definitely isn't hailed as a place that slings top-tier sashimi, but it does have Blackened Ahi Sashimi on its menu as an appetizer. Your appetite might be too curious to pass it up but trust us, it should.

The thinly sliced pieces of rare ahi tuna come served with wasabi and pickled ginger in a soy vinaigrette. The aesthetics of the dish are awesome. The deep red color of the tuna gets your mouth salivating immediately. But then you take your first bite, and those salivary glands lock up like a bank vault. The tuna doesn't have much flavor to it, and whatever flavor you do taste is mostly due to the soy vinaigrette, which skews on the salty side. If you have a hankering for Japanese food, stick to a Japanese restaurant.

11. The Carnivore Pizza

When the carnivore that lurks in the shadows of your stomach begins howling like a banshee, there's no option other than making moves quickly to please it. You can't just settle for a little bit of protein. No, you need a punch to the palate of rich, hearty meat. The kind of punch that leaves you with the meat sweats afterward and your blood pressure soaring into the stratosphere. Now, if you're looking for that kind of meat bonanza, Yard House offers a Carnivore Pizza. But you'll likely find it off-putting.

The pie is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, seasoned beef, spicy sausage, and bacon. While that definitely is a carnivore's dream come true on paper, the pizza is way too salty. You get walloped with such a sodium rush that's really tough to enjoy. All that meat is also so rich that after a few bites, it's tough to keep pushing forward without feeling in desperate need of something much lighter, like a salad. This pizza certainly embodies the carnivore lifestyle, but it does it a little too intensely, and that's a problem.

10. Mediterranean Salmon

When salmon is prepared by someone who really shows the fish the proper amount of love during the cooking process, the end result is a delicately flaky filet of subtle ocean flavor that whisks your mind away to the sea. It should have you thinking about salmon long after you eat it. Yard House has a Mediterranean Salmon option for anyone with the urge to dive into those culinary depths, but alas, it falls short of that great oceanic sensation your palate craves.

The salmon is crusted in za'atar seasoning and served over cauliflower rice, red quinoa tabbouleh, kale, baby tomatoes, and spicy tahini sauce. The veggies that cower beneath the filet taste good, and the spicy tahini sauce marries them all together with a kick of creamy heat. However, the salmon itself is too dry to enjoy thoroughly. It doesn't flake apart with juices like it should. Instead, you're left grabbing for a drink after each bite to help wash it down. The za'atar crust on the outside is a nice touch, but it'd be so much better if the texture of the fish wasn't such a letdown.

9. Spicy Jambalaya

A kick of Cajun spices always does the palate good. This is what makes jambalaya such an enticing menu option. And not only do you get to bask in the allure of the spices, but you also get a variety of surf and turf foods that come together to hit every inch of your stomach the right way. This is why the Spicy Jambalaya at Yard House might leap off the menu at you and beg for a try. The dish comes with either linguine or rice as the base, and blackened shrimp, andouille sausage, crawfish, chicken, and peppers are plopped on top and covered in a Cajun cream sauce. But don't get excited just yet.

All that sumptuous Cajun spice you expect out of a dish teeming with Cajun cream sauce ends up letting you down. Yes, there is a kick of heat, but the sauce is extremely salty, and it masks the true Cajun flavor that's trying to peek out from underneath. All of the seafood and meat is drenched in the sauce, which means it all has that same overly salty taste, and little of the true flavors are available to your tongue. Best to opt for a different spicy dish if you're looking for something that's going to perk your taste buds awake while delivering loads of flavor.

8. Vampire Taco

"Vampire" is an interesting word to include on a food menu. What could possibly be vampiric about a dish? Is it chock-full of garlic? Can it enter your home only if you invite it? These types of questions start flying through your mind when you read "Vampire Taco" on the Yard House menu. Once you read the ingredients, you see that roasted garlic is one of them, and voila: There's where the "vampire" comes from. But how's the taco as a whole? Overall, it's not bad, and it has one distinct characteristic that makes it super unique.

The taco is filled with carnitas, bacon, roasted garlic, crushed avocado, salsa roja, sour cream, and cilantro. But it's the taco shell that pulls in most of your attention. The tortilla is crusted in a layer of crispy cheese, which is a really cool way of delivering a cheese flavor. However, keep in mind that sometimes the cheese crust has too much char on it, and you get a burnt flavor, which trickles into all of the ingredients. It's a unique idea, but the cheese crust is sometimes executed poorly.

7. Shiitake Garlic Noodles

If you're seeking out a pasta dish that isn't heavy so you still have room for an entrée, Yard House offers Shiitake Garlic Noodles as a viable option. It doesn't come with a heavy cream sauce, and it's also a great dish to split among a party if more than one person also wants to dabble in some pasta. This dish contains Chinese egg noodles that are tossed with shiitake mushrooms, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. Overall, it's not a bad way to kick off a meal.

A heavy sauce isn't the only worry regarding filling up your belly when it comes to pasta. The noodles themselves also have a tendency to layer your stomach like stranded cement. However, the Chinese egg noodles here are far more light and delicate, which leaves you plenty of room for additional food. The shiitake mushrooms lend a really earthy flavor that works well with the sharpness of the Parmesan cheese. The garlic flavor is super prevalent but never overwhelming, and it adds a nice level of taste to the rest of the ingredients.

6. Firecracker Shrimp

Not everyone who likes a kick of spice wants to feel like someone doused their tongue in gasoline and set it ablaze every time they eat something with heat. A light punch of heat often does the trick. Don't be fooled by the name "Firecracker Shrimp" on the Yard House menu. The word "firecracker" implies your mouth will explode in a fiery inferno, but the heat level is very manageable, and the flavors are all really solid.

The dish consists of a pile of shrimp coated in a sweet chili-Sriracha glaze resting on a crispy rice cake. The shrimp is also topped with sweet soy ginger, green onions, and cilantro. The glaze on the shrimp balances sweet and spicy really well without ever leaning too far in either direction. The texture of the crispy rice cake is a really good contrast to the succulent shrimp, as well. Even though the rice cake is rather flavorless, the crunch it gives makes it worthy of a spot on the plate. The sweet soy ginger, green onions, and cilantro somewhat take a backseat, but it's okay because the shrimp is the main attraction anyway.

5. Cali Roll Stack

When something aesthetically pleasing hits the table, you and your buddies can't help but feel an overwhelming feeling of excitement, even if you have no idea what the dish will taste like. There's a tangible eagerness that sweeps over everyone, and the whole dining experience instantly improves. One Yard House item that definitely evokes that feeling of enthusiasm is the Cali Stack Roll. This miniature tower of colorful ingredients revs up the excitement in your appetite, and for good reason.

The base of the stack is a crispy rice cake resting in a thin pool of sweet soy ginger. The cake offers a really nice textural crunch when paired with the rest of the much-softer toppings. The rice cake is piled with chunks of crab, avocado, cucumber, baby tomatoes, serranos, masago, nori, and cilantro. All these ingredients are tossed in a pickled ginger aioli, so there's a tangy creaminess to everything that coats your palate nicely. The dish looks nice, and it tastes great, making it something you should definitely order up for the table (or for yourself).

4. Nashville Hot Chicken and Pancakes

Fried chicken and pancakes are two foods that, at first, don't seem like they ever belong on the same plate together. But, once you shovel in that first forkful of both ingredients you realize they definitely belong arm-in-arm on a plate. Yard House takes advantage of the two great flavors in the Nashville Hot Chicken and Pancakes dish. Not only do you get the sweetness of the pancake and the savory taste of the fried chicken, but you also get a kick of heat for a three-way battle of excellence that unfolds on your palate.

You get a stack of sweet potato pancakes, two pieces of golden fried chicken, pickles, ranch dressing, and hot honey sauce. This is an array of flavors and textures you definitely want to explore. The sweet potato pancakes are light and fluffy with a subtle sweetness that pairs really well with the rich chicken. The fried skin of the chicken is brittle and has a great crunch, which contrasts nicely with the fluffy pancakes. But once you pour the hot honey over everything, the flavors really start shouting. The honey isn't overly hot, but it adds a great layer of flavor that clings to every ingredient. Don't forget to munch on a pickle every so often for a vinegary bite that resets your palate.

3. Kurobuta Pork Burger

If you're a burger enthusiast, it's almost impossible to resist ordering a really unique burger when you see it. A combination of ingredients you never thought to pair together immediately leaps off the menu at you, and your appetite is just too curious to pass it up. That's exactly what happens when you read the ingredients on the Kurobuta Pork Burger at Yard House. The fascinating combination of Berkshire pork, spicy candied bacon, white American cheese, arugula, and blueberry ketchup is too unique to ignore. And it's even better when it enters your mouth.

After the first bite, you immediately realize how tender and juicy the pork patty is. The rich flavors then slam head-on into the creaminess of the American cheese and the wonderfully sweet-and-spicy bacon. It's already a winning bite, but the kick of arugula hits off with the thick blueberry ketchup for a truly unique experience. The blueberry ketchup isn't overly sweet, and not only does it play well with the pork, but the sweet candied bacon is elevated to a higher level, as well. This is one of those I-need-to-get-this-recipe burgers.

2. Poke Nachos

There are few appetizers better suited for a large group of friends than nachos. When a tray of tortilla chips piled with a ton of delicious fixings are slapped down in the middle of the table, you can almost hear the phrase, "It's party time!" echo through your mind. If you're looking to dive head-first into a tray of nachos while also basking in a unique experience, look no further than Yard House's Poke Nachos. This is an appetizer that's always ready to crank the party in your belly up from 10 to 11.

The chips in this dish are crispy wontons, and they have a lighter feel to them than your typical corn chips. The wontons are topped with marinated cubes of raw ahi tuna, chunks of avocado, serranos, green onions, nori, sesame seeds, cilantro, sweet soy ginger sauce, white truffle sauce, and Sriracha aioli. Yea, you need these now. The tuna is super fresh, and the avocado adds a great creaminess. The nori lends that awesome seaweed flavor sushi lovers crave, and the cilantro gives each bite a bright kick. But, it's the trio of sauces that steal the show here. The white truffle flavor is subtle, but it's enough to tingle your palate. The sweet soy ginger sauce and Sriracha aioli combine for a wonderful sweet heat that leaves you craving more. This is how you start a meal properly.

1. Korean BBQ Cheesesteak

Here it is, folks: The must-order item off the Yard House menu. You'd be doing your appetite a massive injustice if you leave without taking a bite of this Korean BBQ Cheesesteak. It's an absolutely killer combination of flavors that has your palate high-fiving your stomach while all your taste buds sing songs of praise in unison. It's that electric of an experience. But be warned: You might order a few of them to go before you leave, so get your wallet ready to take a hit.

The toasted hoagie roll is the vessel that houses thinly chopped ribeye, melted white cheddar, kimchi, caramelized onion, green onions, roasted garlic aioli, and gochujang. The ribeye is so thin and rich that it dissolves right onto your tongue, as does the melted white cheddar, so your palate is coated with delicious flavors right off the bat. The caramelized onions are delicate and sweet, and they pair perfectly with the rich ribbons of ribeye. The two sauces lasso everything in together immaculately with a kick of creamy heat and a zesty slap of garlic. This is the reason why people go out to eat.