The Wrong Bread Choice Can Wreck Your Grilled Cheese

When discussing how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, people often consider what cheeses are best to use. There are plenty who favor the classic all-American slice, while others choose cheddar, provolone, Swiss, or even gorgonzola. People also have strong feelings about how best to cook these sandwiches — whether to use butter or mayo and cook in a frying pan or air fryer? An issue that gets less airtime, however, is what type of bread to use. As the bread makes up a large portion of the sandwich, it can actually make or break the dish. It's best to put some thought into choosing the right kind.

If you're a fan of fancier cheeses, surprisingly however, most artisanal breads are not the best for grilled cheese sandwiches. They tend to be filled with great gaping holes as a result of all the yeast used. Artisanal breads make for an uneven grilled cheese. Unless you really want bites of plain bread alternating with drippy cheese pits, you'll need bread with a more even surface. It's best not to use bread that's too soft and floppy, either. While most supermarket loaves are just fine for sandwich making, Wonder Bread might not be the best choice. Instead, you should opt for a sturdy piece of bread that was made with less yeast. Once you have your bread, you should pair an appropriate cheese.

Certain bread and cheese pairings work better than others

If you're making a grilled cheese sandwich with American cheese, sliced supermarket white bread is a great choice. In fact, as one Redditor points out, it might seem kind of odd to pair such a cheese with a multi-grain loaf. The Redditor described the combo as "two different worlds." Wholegrain bread, however, goes beautifully with a nice sharp cheddar. Sourdough is another strongly-flavored bread that needs an equally assertive cheese to stand up to it. In this case, we'd opt for cheddar.

Rye bread pairs perfectly with Swiss cheese, while on the other hand, brie is best on a baguette. Meanwhile, Smoky gouda is good on brioche as it contrasts nicely with the slight sweetness of that loaf. For mozzarella, you might want to go with something like ciabatta or focaccia, since such a mild cheese cries out to be topped with tomatoes or pepperoni, and you'll need a nice sturdy base for your creation.

Ultimately, the sandwich combination is up to you. All we ask, though, is that you spare a thought for the bread as well as the cheese as a great grilled cheese requires that both of these elements play nicely together.