The April 2023 Aldi Finds Include Plenty Of Plant-Based Desserts For Spring

Aldi shoppers know what's up when it comes to Aldi Finds. For those who are not regulars, Aldi's Spring Drop might be worth making the trip to the low-cost grocery store, especially if you follow a plant-based diet. The long list of April Aldi Finds has plenty of non-vegan items too, and ranges from beverages to sweet treats galore.

As the sun comes out to play again, who doesn't love a frozen dessert? The two non-dairy options, Sundae Shoppe Non-Dairy Cashewmilk Pints ($3.49) and Earth Grown Non-Dairy Cookie Sandwich ($4.29), will be available on April 12. Shoppers will have the option to scoop up chocolate brownie, double caramel, or peanut butter chocolate chip pints. The vanilla ice cream sandwiches will come with either cocoa or chocolate chip cookies. There are a couple of new dairy-based frozen treats, too. Sundae Shoppe Chocolate Enrobed Fruit Bars are actually one of the limited-time treats Aldi shoppers wish would return for good. The chocolate-dipped strawberry, coconut, and banana fruit bars were in Aldi stores back in 2022 and will return on April 19. Sundae Shoppe Strawberries and Cream Rose Cones ($3.99) have rosettes of strawberry ice cream in a chocolate cone and will hit the freezer section on April 26.

Aldi has new gluten-free snacking options

All three gluten-free snacks are under Aldi's private label brand liveGfree brand and will be available in the freezer section on April 19. Aldi has previously sold plain glazed, chocolate frosted, and holiday flavors of the liveGfree Gluten Free Donuts ($4.99) in 6-packs. Chicken and vegetable options for liveGfree Gluten Free Egg Rolls ($6.49) are made with a rice flour wrapping and bake up nice and crispy, according to a taste test by Aldi Reviewer from a previous drop. 

Plain and cinnamon raisin liveGfree Gluten Free English Muffins ($4.49), sold in packs of four, round out the additions to the liveGfree offerings. Reddit users had positive reviews of the gluten-free English muffins. One person could "confirm these are fantastic," and another person said, "They are amazing. I'm obsessed with them." Aldi shoppers following a gluten-free diet definitely have something to look forward to with these muffins.

Spring is the season for cakes and cookies at Aldi

As far as sweet treats go, the April Aldi Finds have something for everyone. For vegan folks, Aldi will have decadent Belmont Plant-Based Vegan Cakes ($7.99) available in the frozen section on April 12 in either chocolate or banana flavors with a cream cheese frosting. For non-vegans, Aldi will have pre-made Specially Selected Mini Layer Cakes ($5.49) and boxed mixes for Baker's Treat Strawberry or Banana Mini-Muffins ($2.75) if you want to go a semi-homemade route, both available April 19. There are also Bake Shop Cheesecake variety packs ($5.89) in both a chocolate and fruit assortment that are available in Aldi stores as of April 5.

For sweet snacking, there are Clancy's Cinnamon Churros ($1.49) available on April 26, Clancy's Milk Chocolate Toffee Pretzels ($3.29) which dropped on April 5, and LesserEvil Interstellar Cinnamon Sugar Space Balls ($2.99) available on April 19. The LesserEvil Interstellar Space Balls also come in a cheddar flavor if a sweet and salty moment is what you are after. The Specially-Selected Luxury Belgian Cookie Gift Box ($7.49) rounds out the cookies in this Aldi Finds drop. The gift box makes a great last-minute gift or the perfect "treat yourself" purchase. It has a pretty selection of chocolate, vanilla, and caramel cookies, and will be available on April 26.

There are new spring drinks at Aldi, too

The State of Brewing Dragonfruit Imperial Hard Seltzer ($8.99) is already in Aldi stores as of April 5. In addition to dragon fruit, the hard seltzer also has the flavors of pineapple and soursop, an unusual tropical fruit. Shoppers can buy six-packs of the cans, but availability will depend on alcohol vending laws in the municipality or state that the particular Aldi grocery store is located in, as not all supermarkets in the United States are permitted to sell alcohol. 

For those looking for a non-alcoholic option, or a refreshing base for a bright spring cocktail, Aldi will have three new flavors of Simply Nature Fair Trade Organic Tea Blends ($3.99) on April 12. Shoppers can choose boxes of 20 tea bags with flavors like ginger peach black tea, hibiscus berry herbal tea, and mango pineapple green tea with yerba mate, a caffeinated leaf from South America.

April means new savory flavors at Aldi

This Aldi Finds drop has several vegetarian options. Season's Choice Harvest Grain Bowls ($2.99) is full of grains, legumes, and vegetables and will come in both Italian and southwest-inspired blends. Specially Selected Cauliflower or Chickpea Gnocchi ($2.99) will be available on April 12 in shelf-stable 14.1-ounce packages. Earth Grown Tofu Cubes ($3.59) would make a great vegan shortcut. Available in the deli section, these tofu cubes come marinated in barbecue or sesame ginger seasonings and will drop on April 12. 

A couple of new flavors of Southern Grove Almonds ($5.69) will join the Aldi offerings. Gochujang flavor, a spicy Korean condiment, and Moroccan-spiced almonds will hit the shelves on April 19. For the meat-eaters, Aldi is adding a decadent pizza-based offering. Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Pepperoni Pizza Ring ($4.99) will be back in the freezer section on April 19. It is essentially a pizza wreath stuffed with cheesy, meaty goodness and even comes with a marinara dipping sauce.

There are a couple more can't miss flavorful finds at Aldi

Two more Aldi Finds will be available on April 12. Simply Nature Organic Pesto ($2.99) will come in 6.7-ounce jars in both Genovese and rosso varieties. Aldi shoppers have been so excited to grab these jarred pestos because they are USDA-certified organic and also very affordable. Pesto alla Genovese is the basil-based, northern Italian condiment that many people are familiar with. Pesto rosso, meaning red pesto, is the southern Italian interpretation of pesto and uses sun-dried tomatoes. Rounding out Aldi's spring seasonings are the Stonemill Flavored Pink Salts ($3.99) to spice up whatever meals you make from your Aldi grocery haul. All three blends are made with Himalayan pink salt and include chili, garlic, or dried herb flavor additions.

Aldi notes that it is best to get to the grocery store as soon as the Aldi Find becomes available for the best chance of getting your hands on the product you are craving. So better head to Aldi sooner rather than later, especially if you are eyeing any of the Aldi Finds that already dropped on April 5. As always, all these products will only be available for a limited time and the amount stocked will vary from store to store. Spring has sprung!