Baskin Robbins New Strawberry Dragonfruit Is Giving Us May Fever

Summertime has become synonymous with easy days lounging on the porch and eating and drinking the best produce the season has to offer. Fresh fruits like berries and melons are at their peak during the warm summer months, making it the perfect time to indulge in fresh fruit cocktails, popsicles, and of course, ice cream. When it comes to summertime ice cream, major ice cream retailers pull out all the stops for delicious, limited-time flavors. Baskin Robbins, in particular, enjoys getting into the spirit of things, with their Flavor of the Month promotion, which consists of a new flavor doled out 12 times per year.

This year, in preparation for summer, the chain announced that its May flavor of the month will be Strawberry Dragonfruit. The summery flavor is designed to instill paradise vibes, while the hot pink color of the ice cream may help customers feel like they're on their favorite faraway vacation. Strawberry is a flavor most people know and love, and while dragon fruit is popular in tropical locations, it's not as mainstream. Along with a new ice cream flavor for May, Baskin Robbins is ringing in the warm weather with some additional deals and promotions.

A new flavor and a great deal

On May 31, customers will get 31% off their scoop of choice to celebrate the company's Celebrate 31 holiday. On every month that has 31 days, the chain gives a 31% discount on ice cream scoops, even if customers don't choose the flavor of the month. There's plenty more to celebrate too, including Mother's Day and Memorial Day, which marks the unofficial start of summer. Lest people honor the special moms in their lives with anything other than an ice cream cake, Baskin Robbins has a special offering for the occasion.

The company's Mother's Day cake, called the Perfect Peony Cake, will feature icing peony flowers and will be filled with mom's choice of ice cream and cake flavor. People can begin pre-ordering the cake on May 1, giving more than enough time to show Mom some appreciation. Baskin Robbins has a history of creating over-the-top Mother's Day creations, releasing a breakfast-themed ice cream cake in 2022. If mom doesn't want to have her cake and eat it too, customers can order the Strawberry Dragon Fruit ice cream in a fresh pack, which contains 4-8 servings.