Sliders At Arby's? Here's What We Know

Arby's tagline, "We have the meats," is not just a meaningless platitude. The fast food chain known for its piled-high roast beef sandwiches has added even more meat to the menu with the addition of new sliders. Arby first introduced sliders to its menu back in 2015 and has been adding unique options to the menu ever since. The newest limited-time sliders feature a smoky ingredient that hasn't ever touched the grill. The newest sliders feature bourbon barbecue sauce on three different sliders. The bourbon barbecue sauce is different from the chain's popular smoked bourbon alcoholic beverage.

Arby's new sliders include the Bourbon BBQ Roast Beef Slider, the Bourbon BBQ Country Style Rib Slider, and the Bourbon BBQ Chicken Slider. These sliders join the four staple sliders, including a buffalo chicken, chicken, and roast beef slider. One reviewer from The Takeout ranked the sliders and had less than generous things to say. While the reviewer loved the garlic dill pickle served on all sliders, they lamented the lack of melted cheese and the weak flavor of the barbecue sauce.

New sliders come with a new deal

Each of the new sliders comes with crispy onion strings, bourbon barbecue sauce, and garlic pickles. The country-style rib sandwich made a comeback as the bourbon barbecue country-style rib slider. The ribs, which are somewhat similar to McDonald's McRib, are served on a smaller scale than the original full-sized sandwich. Though sliders may seem like an odd choice for those who want to load up on all the meat, the smaller size gives customers the option to mix and match and try them all. They're also a great choice if you aren't hungry enough for a full sandwich but still want something tasty.

The newest slider deal allows customers to try any two of the bourbon sliders for only $4. While trying different options is encouraged, Arby's certainly won't frown on those who want two of the same. There's no word yet on how long the newest sliders will stick around — or whether they'll become permanent menu items. Customers looking to save even more money can join Arby's reward program where they'll get 25% off on their first order, as well as free fries once a week. Free fries coupled with two sliders for the small price of $4 would make a pretty fine lunch as a weekly treat.