Richard Blais And Gordon Ramsay Have Seen Those Infamous Hair Memes - Exclusive

Competition is fierce on any cooking show, but even more so with "Next Level Chef," where competition is hot between both the contestants and the celebrity chef mentors, who also act as judges. Mentors Richard Blais, Nyesha Arrington, and Gordon Ramsay help their team members in each episode to climb the ranks of the impressive three-story stadium by cooking their way through each challenge. 

Of course, none of these chefs is new to competition, so while the contestants battle it out, the chefs are just as rivalrous. In an exclusive interview, Richard Blais told Mashed, "We're competitive chefs, so there is competition. We will give it to each other in the elevator. Sometimes you'll see some fist bumps or some looks, and it's like, 'We want to win, for sure.'"

However, the on-screen competition is nothing compared to the off-screen one between Richard Blais and Gordon Ramsay, and this competition has nothing to do with cooking.

Who has better hair?

The real competition of the show is hairstyle. "For me, the biggest competition behind the scenes is Gordon and I — the battle of the hair, the battle of Gordon," Blais says. "He loves to go at me. It's one of those things ... I'm from the East Coast, and I think he likes me. I think that's what it is." 

Of course, this is nothing new. In addition to his cooking, Richard Blais is known for his hair, which got especially long and swoopy during the pandemic, when he grew it out to a reverse mullet. Gordon Ramsay, too, has gravity-defying locks that challenge the heights of even Blais'. Now, memes abound comparing both chefs on the show, and it should be no surprise they have seen them. "I love going on social media and seeing people get into hot debates about who has the better hair," Blais says.

We are glad to see a little healthy competition has not come between friends. But now it is time to decide whether are you #TeamRichardBlaisHair or #TeamGordonRamsayHair. The competition is on.

Season 2 of "Next Level Chef" is available now from Fox.