How To Make Succession's Meal Fit For A King

If you are a "Succession" fan and smoothie enthusiast, you may want the recipe for the "Meal Fit for a King" from the Season 4 Episode 10 series finale. Spoiler alert: In a relatable sibling moment of playful sibling rivalry and affection, the three youngest Roys make what may be the world's worst smoothie. As with just about anything the Roys do, don't try this at home. 

Imagine raiding the refrigerator and making a smoothie of some of the more questionable and sometimes expired contents. The ingredients includes milk, frozen bread loaf heels, or "knobbies," cinnamon, raw egg, Tabasco sauce, cocoa powder, sunflower oil, a British condiment known as Branston Pickle, and a little sibling spit. Other random ingredients were on the table next to the blender, but may or may not have been added off-camera, including baked beans, peanut butter, and assorted salad dressings. Put everything in the blender and blend until smooth before proclaiming it a "healthful tonic." 

In the scene, Kendall drinks a sip or two before Roman pours it on his head as part of his coronation. Of course, when the Roy family plays with their food, it gets rough, as demonstrated by the "Boar on the Floor" game from Season 2 Episode 3 that inspired a new ice cream flavor, "S'more on the Floor." The rules are simple: just have a couple of dinner guests crawl on the floor while you toss sausage at them. While these fictional food games may be cruel, that isn't even the most disturbing part.

Yes, he really drank some...

Perhaps the most disturbing part is actor Jeremy Strong actually drank some of the "Meal Fit for A King," according to the "Succession" podcast. Strong admitted, "We did it only a few times and I went outside and retched and jumped in the ocean and washed it off my hair."

Kendall not only drank the "Meal Fit for A King," but he also participated in its creation. When asked why, Jeremy Strong ,who plays Kendall, had a theory that he expressed during the podcast. "He wants it that badly that he's gonna drink whatever that is," he explained referring to Kendall's willingness to do nearly anything to get Shiv and Roman to back his plan.

A meal just isn't just a meal in "Succession," as everything from Connor Roy's wedding cake to the "Meal Fit for a King" offers painful insight into the characters. "Succession" shares a director, Mark Mylod, with HBO's foodie film "The Menu" which blends a similar mix of class satire, food horror, and complex characters.