For Better Or Worse, Starbucks' Olive Oil Lineup Is Coming To More States

While you may not have seen it in your own neighborhood Starbucks, you likely saw it on social media: Starbucks' new Oleato line. This line of specialty coffees blends Starbucks coffee with olive oil, for a variety of familiar drinks — including lattes, espressos, and cold brew — with an olive oil twist. At the time of release, Starbucks said the addition of the cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil added a little something special to each drink's flavor and texture. Starbucks announced the Oleato line in February 2023, before rolling out the menu items to select locations in New York, Illinois, California, and Washington in March, where the unique coffee-oil-combo took social media by storm.

If you were watching your favorite foodie influencers sip oily coffee (to very, very mixed reviews) and feeling left out, though, there's good news. Starbucks announced that Oleato drinks are now available in 11 new states, including Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont. Living outside the United States? You may have to wait a little bit longer for your olive oil-infused beverages, but the wait is not indefinite; while Starbucks currently offers Oleato drinks in Italy, it plans to offer them by the end of the year in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East as well.

Is Starbucks' Oleato worth the hype?

Before you march into your nearest Starbucks and order your Oleato latte, it's worth considering the drink's very polarizing reviews. One Insider reviewer found that the overall taste of the drinks was "pleasant" at first — at least until the oil separated from the coffee and settled on the top of the drink. A Mashed reviewer cautioned not to knock the coffee until you try it, though, and enjoyed the floral olive oil notes and their caffe latte's creamy texture.

However, many reviewers reported that the unique combination of coffee and olive oil wreaked havoc on their digestive tracks. A registered dietitian and nutritionist told CNN that the combination of coffee and high fat can, indeed, have a "laxative effect," as the liquid oil will move through your digestive faster than your average meal, and the coffee on its own is already known for quickening your bowels. So, if you just can't fight the temptation to try Starbucks' Oleato line, by all means, see if, like some reviewers, this one-of-a-kind combo tickles your fancy — but just maybe make sure there's a restroom nearby.